Thursday, November 13, 2003

Annoying Habits of other people

5 things other people do that annoy the piss out of me:

1) Butting into a private conversation.
2) Sitting behind me reading what I type over my shoulder as if it had ANYTHING to do with them.
3) Checking on me and my work, as if they were my supervisor.
4) Kiss so much ass that only the Ass respects you.
5) Eavesdropping on private conversations at work while pretending to looking busy, like being on the phone.

Oh, what a coincidence. The guy sitting behind me does all of that. No wonder the nicknames he's picked up are cruel...

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


Yes, I'm alive. I don't really have anything to say. But, I am alive and things are... okay. Just very busy with work and extracurricular activities. Haven't had time for introspection, or maybe I have and don't like what I see. I still have my sense of humor. I was telling a friend of mine that Life is full of irony and you have to laugh at it or it will get you.

Good News: I'm number one in both my fantasy leagues. Kicking major ass and taking names. Go Texans and Panthers! I've all but given up on the Saints, at least for this year. What's really scaring me is that I'm really behind the Cowboys continued sucess. I'm gonna regret admiting that one day...

Good News 2: The new Barenaked Ladies' CD, Everything To Everyone, is their best album yet. Fuck you if you don't belee dat, playa!

Good News 3: I'm going to be a godfather... again... for a third time. My sister and her husband have asked me to be godfather to their newborn, Carly Renee. I'll be flying to Orlando for the baptism at the end of the month and meeting my newest godchild for the first time.

Here's something strange to think about... How does a non-Christian end up being asked by 3 families to be a godfather? My answer (without trying to brag), they all know that I am a good role model and quite capable of answering questions of Theology when their brood start asking questions about God and such.

Until ... another day...