Monday, October 31, 2011

Sonnet - My Muse

I sit to write a poem about my muse,
The whimsical soul who makes me complete.
Earning her love marks with scars and tattoos
Written with ink made from mine own heartbeat.
The passing times she comes to inspire,
She feeds my stomach with candy-like lies
Of thoughts and words of creative fire -
A Mona-Lisa smile, her disguise.
A burst of expression shakes through my hands
Weaving a hairshirt which strangely won’t fit.
She cackles and leaves my frozen wasteland
A traitor to art whose smoke I can’t quit.
She’ll come again, for which I cannot wait
For my muse knows I long to take her bait.

So, I wrote this sonnet. Needed the challenge of a rhyme scheme and pattern.  This was a struggle and I'm not wholly satisfied with this creative outcome.  But, you gotta "write the shit" out, too, and I got the iambic pentameter and abab cdcd efef gg scheme in there, so technically, it's a sonnet. At the very least, this serves a purpose.