Thursday, January 22, 2004

Keyshawn Johnson was robbed!

Really he was mugged...

Keyshawn Johnson robbed at gunpoint!

To sum the story up, the outsed Buccaneer wide receiver was mugged by 2 suspects. They got away with money and jewerly. I wonder if they got his Super Bowl ring? Don't fret Keyshawn. I'm sure you'll get another one in the next two years with your good buddy Coach Parcells in Dallas.

Speaking of football... I'm gonna root for the Panthers. I have always liked Jake Delhomme. Something about him impressed me when he was with the Saints. They have to be kicking themselves right now. New Orleans' former back-up QB is in the Super Bowl and has a good chance at winning. Meanwhile, their $5 million dollar QB can't get them in the playoffs. Somewhere, former Saints GM Bill Kuharich is laughing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

If they would only listen...

If wood glue and regular glue doesn't work to hold two cardboard boxes together, then spray adhesive is not gonna fucking work! Get some screws and some nuts and bolt them together, you dolt! Like I told you to begin with!


I'm stage managing a stage version of the Snow Queen and the director wants ice blocks on stage during the last scene set in the Snow Queen's castle. So, we made some cardboard boxes into ice blocks and needed two of them to be attached for ease of setting on stage. I was presented with 3 boxes. Two stacked on stage and with the little crew I have, it's hard to have a quick scene change without those boxes being attached. The director said she would hot glue them together. I told her that would not work, that eventually the boxes would come apart. She needed to screw them together. Guess what? The hot glue held for all of one rehearsal. Actually, it held until the very end of the first rehearsal. So, I said we needed to screw them together. Granted, at that point, we'd have to cut the boxes open and repaint them, but we still had 2 weeks before we opened. The director found some wood glue in the shop and went that route. You know what happened... at the next rehearsal...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Where to begin...

How about with New Year's Resolution's?

1) To let my metrosexualness shine out.
2) To be happy.
3) To lose weight.

I did the latter last year. That is to say I lost 20+ lbs. in 2003, but I seemed to have gained them back.

Not quite sure where my quest for metrosexualness comes from. Perhaps, it's a self-esteem issue. I guess my thinking is that my feeling pretty like a metrosexual will help improve my self-esteem and give me some mucho needed self-confidence. I've already got the hair cut, trimming the beard down to a fashionable goatee, and plucked between my eyes. No, I don't have a unibrow, but there are a few hairs right there that get on my nerves. Of course, my metrosexualness will only go so far as my budget will allow. Can you be metrosexual with a Walmart wardrobe?

I turned 29 over the holidays without much fanfare. Not that I'm complaining. 29 isn't really a year to celebrate. Here are the years to majorly celebrate: 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 15, (16 for girls) 18, 21, 25, 30, 40, 50, 55, 60, 65. After that I don't know. But, 29 isn't really much. The wife had the flu and I had to leave her and the kid in New Orleans and didn't see them until after my birthday. So, I was pretty much alone. A good friend did kind of surprise me with a cake she made though. It was Black Forest and it was good. A very nice gesture. Right now, I'm not planning on celebrating 30. It's not really a big deal to me, but someone better throw me a surprise party or I'm gonna be severely pissed...

Speaking of birthdays, my niece celebrated her third birthday right after Xmas and we were lucky enough to be in Florida for the event. When it comes to giving kids presents, there's a rule I follow. It has to be something the kid will absolutely love and it has to be something that will annoy the parents. For example, for a godchild's birthday, I gave her a 30 piece Disney Princess play teaset. She loved it and her daddy thanked me for giving her something he'll accidently be stepping on for the next 5 years. I also got her kiddie make-up recently. Nothing like seeing your 6 year old all pretend-dolled up. I'm evil that way. Of course, her daddy responded by giving my kid something that makes loud, obnoxious noises. But, I think I still win because I can take the batteries out. You still have to clean make-up off your child.

Back to my niece's birthday. We got her a (cheap) 20 piece zoo safari kit complete with zoologist, safari truck and various animals. It was the second to last thing she opened. Everything she unwrapped and quickly moved on to the next present to unwrapped. That is until she unwrapped our zoo. She took the box - that was twice as big as her - and ran off to open to box and start playing. The child loved the gift, the parents would be annoyed with all the pieces - we won. But she still had one more present to open. They reminded her of that and she came back to open it. While she couldn't read the words on the box, she could tell exactly what Mommy and Daddy had gotten her. "Finding Nemo!" she exclaimed as she hugged her new DVD and then proceeded to toss it away and run back to the zoo set. Game, set, match. Winner!

Now for the bitching. When did society get so wrapped up in thank you notes? We got a thank you note from my 3-year-old niece for her birthday present. No offense, sis - the thank you is appreciated. But, please tell me this is not normal these days. A thank you note from a 3 year old is necessary now? Whazzup with that?!?