Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Well, not everything grey...

The make-up lady for, "Fiddler on the Roof," wants me to dye my hair for the show. I don't have a problem with that. I've been dying my hair for years. But, since the character I'm playing is supposed to be 50 or 60 years old, they want me grey (heh... everything grey... well, maybe not everything, just the hair on my head)...

And you know, I don't think I'd have much of a problem with that. The biggest problem would be the strange looks at work. But as soon as I send the company-wide email advertising the show, I think most folks would understand...

Of course, we did talk about getting a grey spray, and that's fine, too. It'll wash out with the next shampoo. But, part of me wants to see what life would be like if I was "older" than I really was. It would be an interesting socialogical experiment, not unlike Costanza wearing a wedding ring to pick up chicks. Though, I'm sure the results would be different.

It would only be for a month. I could dye it back to my *cough* natural *cough* color after the show. Along with trimming the beard down. The beard is reaching "Cowardly Lion" lengths. A trim is needed, but not until after the show. Such is the life of a non-Christian pretending to be a Russian Jew. As Yenta says, "We suffer, we suffer we suffer in silence, right? Of course, right."

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Marriage and Amendments

This is exactly why this country doesn't need an amendment banning two members of the same sex getting married. Pay close attention...

"Marriage" is, basically, a religious sacrament. "Marriage," since the beginning of time, has been two people coming together in the "eyes of the Lord," who or whatever that may be. You CAN be "married" and not pay joint taxes. The government doesn't recognize it until you've got a piece of paper stating as such. Exception possibly given to the law of some state(s) that says if you introduce someone as your wife three times, then the law says she's your wife. That's nothing more than a very antiquated and old law that has no place in today's society.

Additionally, you CAN be "married," but not necessarily in the eyes of God. That's where Civil Unions come in. People, who most likely love each other, coming together in the eyes of the law. And don't our laws (and shouldn't our morals too) say that no one is to be discriminated against because of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, creed, religion, etc? So, in the eyes of the law, homosexuals should be allowed to "marry" into Civil Unions.

Now, the problem comes in for gays when their religion doesn't accept their sexual preferences. And, unfortunately, religions can discriminated in such a way. I don't like that, but, well, it's true. Of course, that probably has ALOT to do with why there's approximately 500 bajillion different religions in the world. A group felt discriminated, so they started a new religion by tweaking the dogma in order to be accepted. And right about now, the world is just about screaming for the "First Assembly of God's Gay Order of The Sacraments" Church. (Bonus points if you picked up on that)

So, why shouldn't gays and lesbians be allowed into Civil Unions? The entire word, "Civil Union," has no religious connotation. Simply put, this is NOT an issue that the government should be deciding...

Friday, July 09, 2004

Dear God...

Did you have to make it rain today? Couldn't you have just held out for just a few more hours? It's bad enough that only a few people from the were going to go to the outdoor showing of "Singin' In The Rain." But, did you have to take away the best chance I've had since moving of getting to know people better and making new friends? I know that the rain is good. It waters the plants, cools the earth and the temps and all. Sometimes, I think you sit up there and say "Let's see how I can mess with my good friend, ML, today." Don't get me wrong, I'm not doubting your wisdom for the rain. I don't even mind that the weatherpeople think your plan is to let it rain off and on all weekend. But would a few more hours of sunshine really have been so bad?


Well, anyway, thank you for the Reese's Pieces and for the skill, knowledge and talent to get all my work done early on a Friday.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

On Indy and Politics and Nov. 2004

**This is a rarity. I'm gettin' all political on your ass.

Since moving to the Circle City, I've been trying to figure out if the people in Indianapolis lean to the right or to the left. And honestly, I can't really tell. Having come from Bush-Central (Texas), it's at least a change always feeling in the minority...

Guess what? I'm a liberal. Surprised, I know. Actually, I'm more like Jesse Ventura without the volume (or wrestling moves) - fiscally conservative, socially liberal. I've talked before how I'm more Libertarian than Democratic or certainly Republican.

Back to Indianapolis. It's hard to figure the people out, or at least who they think should be President and why. Generally, I found out by making a Bush joke or snide comment about the joke that is his presidency. If they laugh at the joke or follow up with another, I think I've found someone to share Xanadu with. And now that I think about it, most people I've said something to give me a funny look and don't laugh. Since I'm such a funny guy, we'll just assume that they're not laughing because I'm raggin' on their choice for 2004.

When I think about who I'm casting my vote for in November, I cannot justify pulling the lever for Bush/Cheney. I don't want to get a full rant on, but even though I can see signs of the economy picking up, and even though Saddam Hussein is no longer in power, I cannot in good conscience vote that ticket. I cannot be apart in re-electing that. It is my opinion that another 4 years will completely fuck this country.

Bush has already destroyed many relationships with his "Go It Alone" and "Cowboy" attitude. Not to mention, it appears to me that this war came about under false pretenses. By that I mean, the 9/11 Commission has said they found no evidence of Al-Queda and Iraq collaborating or any WMDs.

I was against the invasion of Iraq because the evidence I was presented... well, I just didn't see how some pictures of trucks and buildings in the desert meant Saddam was hiding WMD. And furthermore, I was completely against the idea of going it alone. Yes, we've had help, but I mean, I though we should have had the U.N.'s backing. So, yeah, I was against the war, but fully support the troops and their mission. I am saddened to hear of more death in abroad.

Ok, back to the election... Despite my feelings about Bush's handling of the war (and yes, he fucked that up), I have very little enthusiasm about the Democratic ticket. John Kerry and John Edwards just don't do much for me. The question I keep hearing from people is, "what do they stand for?" And honestly, I am a little bit at a loss for words. It's just hitting me that the main reason I have for voting for Kerry/Edwards is that they aren't Bush/Cheney. And, considering the choices, I would rather be indifferent about my vote than give it to someone who has already shown me they can't handle the job to my satisfaction.

So, for the first time in my blog's history, I'm using it as a political tool. Bush, in my opinion, needs to get the hell out of the White House before he can fuck this country and its image up anymore. I'm giving my support to the Kerry/Edwards ticket. And I'm even gonna ad banners and links to their website so the people who come here might click on over and see what that ticket is all about...

Suddenly, I feel a little bit dirty. But, I guess that's politics.


Thursday, July 01, 2004

Damn you, Jessica Simpson!

Damn you, damn you straight to hell, Jessica.

And just when you were starting to change my opinion of you. Just when your blonde bimbo routine was starting to work it's charm on me. Just when I was this close to searching for "Jessica Simpson nude" (uh oh... that's gonna gimme some hits), you go an drop a huge bomb. I can forgive your stupidity: the Chicken of the Sea stuff, the buffalo wings incident. But, this crappy remake, I cannot forgive.

You dare cover Robbie Williams, "Angels," and then you fuck it up severely! Even after fucking up, "Take my breath away" you dare to attempt another cover. Can't you write a lyric on your own?

The thing that bothers me the most is Robbie Williams has been trying so hard to break it in America. He's practically a god overseas. And his wonderful version of "Angels" was probably his biggest hit here. But now, that song will forever be known as "that Angel song by Jessica." And that is such an incredibly, appalling tragedy.

Of course, maybe I should blame the state of music in America. The crap that the American public will buy. Fantasia for godsake? Robbie is 1000 times more talented.

Ya know, sometimes I don't want Guster, or Liz Phair, or BNL, or Ryan Adams to get too big and successful. Sometimes, I just wanna keep them to myself because the same public that buys Britney, J-Lo, and Jessica doesn't deserve such wonderful music, such aural pleasure. They certainly don't deserve Rufus...

**Bunglermoose, maybe, but that'll never happen...

**A 3-piece band made up of myself and two friends who jammed a few times and recorded a song or two, but sadly, never serious enough to get it together.