Tuesday, May 25, 2004

On Death and Dying: Goodbye Mama

Perhaps the recent passing of my Mama (my mother's mother) is effecting me more than I thought it would as I have completely devoured a 5.3 oz bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups under 6 hours. That's about 30 peanut butter cups, folks.

Spiritually, I'm fine. Dealing with her passing, I'm fine. We've known for a while to be prepared for her eventual passing. And knowing that I probably would never see her again after moving, I've sorta "pre-grieved." She's definitely in a happier place now. While, I personally may have a few issues with my religious beliefs about death and what happens when we die, knowing how strongly Mama believed in God and Jesus, I am quite sure she is with them in her heaven.

I am unable to go to the funeral due to, well, bad timing. The funeral is on Thursday, but unfortunately, the movers come on Friday. And with all that's left to do before the movers arrive, there's just no humanly way possible for me to be there. I would like to have been able to be there for my mother (and the rest of the family), though. But, they all understand my situation. Three days later, and I could have easily been there.

But, in my own selfish way, maybe it's better for me not to be there for the burial. I can mourn on my own time and my own way. Seeing a dead body in a coffin or just knowing they're inside a close coffin is just not a good way for me to deal. But, that's just me. Feel free to grieve, just don't judge me when I don't do it your way.

I can only remember going to one funeral before. A college professor, but I wasn't really close to him. I was going more for my friends who were very close to him. Mama is different. She's the first person I love to die. And, you know, I'm really ok with her passing. Like I said, she's a bajillion times happier right now.

No, I'm not going to do a sappy memorial post. In all honestly, while I loved her and she loved me (and all her family), I'm not the best person to eulogize her life. If you knew her, then you know she's in heaven smiling down on us.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Final Friends

I'm sure you know that tonight's episode of Friends will be the last one. I'm also sure that more than a few of you will cry tonight around 9:53pm Eastern/8:53pm Central. Don't forget, it's all about Friends tonight on NBC. A one hour clip show airs first.

Will Ross and Rachel end up together? Probably. How could they not? If they don't, it'll likely be perceived as a worse send-off than Seinfeld was (Personally, I rather liked how Seinfeld ended. The last scene made complete sense, but that's another post). As for Monica and Chandler, what's their storyline? I haven't watched the last few episodes. Aren't they adopting some blondie's kid? And buying a house? Well, moving out of that apartment makes sense. That will represent more of an ending than anything else.

What about Phoebe? Does anyone care? And Joey, NBC hopes you'll care, but I really can't see a Joey Tribiani spin-off working ratings magic.

On a side note, I can not friggin' wait until the new season of The O. C.

Back to Friends. Here's a good article about the last episode. It basically says that Friends isn't so much a sitcom as a funny soap opera. And know you, kinda makes sense. Read the article and think about it...

Here's my tribute to the ending of Friends. It's a spoof I wrote a few months ago that never got produced. Enjoy.

by: ML

Concept: A promo spot for the final episode of Friends

Thursday on the final episode of Friends.

(*Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Ross are hanging out at a coffee shop.*)

I can't believe it's over.

Could it BE any more over?

6 careers come to an end...

MONICA: (*realizing*)
Oh My God! David is now the breadwinner!

RACHEL: (*mockingly weighing their husband choices*)
David... Brad... David... Brad... Oh yeah, that was a better choice.

Get ready to say good-bye...

You guys, what are we going to do?

JOEY: (*eating cake*)
Well, they gave me a spin off...

(*All 5 eye Joey jealousy*)

Get him!!

(*They attack Joey and beat him down*)

Be there for the big send off...

ROSS: (*Kicking Joey*)
You were in Ed?!?! How the F*** did you get a spin off?

Could you BE any lamer? At least, I kissed Selma Hayak!

(*They all end up on top of Joey, wrestling him down.)*

The Final Friends... It's over... It's finally over... except in syndication...

ALL: (*They stop beating up Joey and look up*)

That's right! I'm still the breadwinner!

RACHEL: (*Standing up*)
Oh, that'll last longer than any Joey spin-off...

Don't forget all the DVD sales.

Could we BE any more overexposed?

ROSS: (*Looks around*)
Where's Emma? And Ben?

*Cut to Friends End page*

The Final Friends... Dear God, please let it end...