Monday, July 09, 2007

Crazy Cats

I thought that the page could use a few pictures of the cats. So, here's some pics I took with my cell phone...

Don't you wish you could comfortably sleep like this? Hannah sleeps in the weirdest positions. I caught her napping on the couch. As awkward as this position appears, I bet it's very relaxing. Hannah has quickly become the "Diva" of the three. If you pick Jack or Misfit up, she'll instantly rub herself against your legs and cry at your feet. "Nobody ever loves me," she says. "Please, won't you pick me up?" As if you never touch this cutie-pie. Then, if you sleep in five extra minutes, she'll bitch and bitch and bitch until you get up to feed her. Hannah will gorge herself and then scrounge around the floor for crumbs we might have dropped while cooking. Like she doesn't eat or get fed enough. The wife gave her the nickname, "Whineypants Scrounger" because that's what she does. Whines and scrounges. She's figured out how to take her collar off and taught Jack to do the same. Only Misfit can't get hers off.

Speaking of Misfit, she seems to be undersized. Maybe the collar is preventing her growth. Compared to her sister, she is definately smaller. And much more skiddish. You can't get within 10 feet of her without her running away. When it's feeding time, Jack and Hannah will sometimes push her out the way and not let her eat. Such is the life of the runt. But, we'll pick her up and take her downstairs to another feeding bowl. I did that the other morning. Fed Jack and Hannah. Picked Misfit up and carried her downstairs while the other two ate. I poured her some food in another bowl and two seconds later, Jack and Hannah were trying to stuff their gills again at this new bowl on a different floor and room of the house. I checked and the bowl in our bedroom was not nearly empty.

I've taken to trying to... train... Misfit to be less skiddish around me. When I am able to get my hands on her and pick her up, she's complacent. I've talked to her and petted her, comforted her. I tell her if she sits in my lap for five minutes without trying to run away, I'll give her a treat. She's getting more comfortable with me, but it's not like she'll jump in my lap... unless I have food... But, she is getting better. My goal is to get her purring more. She doesn't purr much.

Of course, with the story I'm about to tell you, it's understandable that Misfit isn't in the mood to purr. You see, Jack is her pimp daddy. She is his girfriend, though I don't think they have gone all the way. I have seen them all cuddled up together. He'll clean her and she'll clean him. It's really rather cute and lovely. But, Jack is a man...

I walked into the computer room the other day and saw this:
Jack was curled up alright... with his paw around Hannah. And, they were sound asleep. That's right. Jack was two-timing Misfit and cheating on her with her own sister. Calling Jerry Springer...

Well, needless to say, I was not going to allow this kind of behavior in my house. So, I woke them up.

BUSTED! I love the look on Hannah's face. She knows she's been caught in this adulterous act. Jack can't believe it either, but he doesn't really care, man that he is.

Before I took the picure, I called my wife into the room to see her boy cheating on Misfit. We laughed enough about his behavior that Misfit came in soon after and saw the two of them spooned together. I kid you not, she walked over to them and began yelling at them. She got up on the tub and forced herself between the two of them. Hannah moved, probably off to find some food. Misfit laid down where Hannah was and Jack put his paw around her and they took a nap together.