Sunday, October 31, 2004

Halloween Night

Well, there was a 4-way tie in the polling for what I should go as for Halloween. You people don't make it very easy on me. I couldn't exactly go as Former Governor Jesse "the JC", the Red Sox Pirate... So, at around 9pm last night, we settled on a costume...

"Macho Man" Randy Savage - Snap into it!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Halloween Ideas

No idea what to go as for halloween. The kid is all set. He's going to be Arnold Schwartzenegger from Predator. The wife and I have no idea really. I've been tossing things around. And here's what I've come up with...

In no particular order:

Frm. Gov. Jesse Ventura - sticking with the Actor/Governor theme of the kid. A suit, a bald cap and a feather boa. Done.

Jesus - Well, I've got the long hair and beard. But, I think that might piss too many off the wrong people off. Not to mention The JC himself...

Pirate - Wouldn't be hard to piece together from old costumes we already have. But, I have the feeling that Pirate is the "in" thing this year and I have to be original.

Johnny Damon - Very topical with the Boston Red Sox going to the World Series. Just need a baseball outfit and Damon jersey.

So, I leave it up to you to help me out! Vote for your favorite!
(No idea why the poll is so far down there)

What should ML go as for Halloween?
Frm. Gov. Jesse Ventura
Jesus aka: The JC
Johnny Damon


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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Father of the Year Candidate

I musta been done did sumtin' right with the lil' feller. I basically forced him to watch the first hour of the second presidental debate. He ended up drawing politcal cartoons (and for his first one, by george, he might have discovered a future career). Then, last night, he insisted on watching the third debate. That's my little intellectual. A proud father, am I.

And now, tonight, he made me the proudest father in the world. No, I won't be home to force TV shows on him, so the choice of what to watch comes entire from his heart. He wants to watch WWE Smackdown. 'Cuse me while I wipe this tear from my eye. I reckon I musta done did sumtin right wif him.

Monday, October 11, 2004

"Sensitive Male" Defined

Yesterday, I played flag football for the first time in at least 5 years. Three times the QB threw the ball to me. The first was a dropped passed and missed 2pt. conversion. The second was a 5-8 yard gain for a 1st down. The third technically didn't count because the ball was hiked after time ran out, but I caught one for what would have been a TD. On defense, I did ok, I guess. Got a flag once, but they didn't throw my way often. Maybe that means I was good on D because I was covering so well, no one was open in my zone. Anyway, we won.

My body has not been put through these rigors in... well... a while. My muscles were sore and I think my knee was a bit off wack yesterday. My body still aches today. And what did I do to comfort my non-athletic body? I snacked on milk and oreo cookies while watching episodes of Everwood I missed earlier this TV season. Sensitive Male Defined...

Recently, I bought (ok, was forced into buying because I didn't fulfill the membership requirement) two CDs from Columbia House... Maroon 5's "Songs for Jane" and Journey's Greatest Hits. While I've been listening to both since they've arrived, I find I'm enjoying the Journey CD more because of sadness in the love songs (Faithfully, Separate Ways, Open Arms). Sensitive Male Defined...

A few weeks back, the kid and I were at the library to borrow some movies to watch. From the countless DVDs and VHS tapes, I choose two movies with hopes of watching them both before they were due back in a week. The movies: The Dirty Dozen and Torch Song Trilogy, two of my favorites. You'd think that's enough to define "Sensitive Male", but wait! There's more! Due to the hecticness of my week, I only got to watch one of the movies before they were due back. You guessed it... Torch Song Trilogy. Sensitive Male Defined...

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Where'd'ja get those peepers?

Who's that sportin' those metrosexual frames with those big, beautiful, brown eyes?

It's me... It's me!

Gotsa show off my new specs, yo...

The Debate About The Debate

I didn't get to see the entire debate. Between a theatre meeting I was at until 8:30pm and a sick kid that was getting an ear infection, my attention was diverted elsewhere.

Dick Cheney scares me. Not because he's evil incarnate, but because he's evil incarnate that speaks so well. He is a wonderful speaker.

Slight Tangent: Remember the Zero Conspiracy Theory? That's the one that says there's a connection between presidental assassination attempts and presidents elected in a year ending in 0. The reason why Bush has so far proven that theory wrong is because Chevey is presently next in line for the job. Think it's scary with Bush in charge? I can't even fathom what the world would be like with Cheney in charge of the World's Greatest Nation.

But, yes, Cheney is a very smooth politican. Smooth talker.

This was my first chance to hear John Edwards speak. And I think he did very well. He held his own. I'd call it more of a draw than anything. Maybe give a slight edge to Cheney because of his speaking skills. But, John Edwards certainly didn't lose the debate. He did as good as I think he needed to do.