Friday, September 26, 2008

The First Debate

We recently bought a laptop, so I thought I'd "live blog" the debates tonight. I don't know exactly how this is gonna work. So, let's ride this wave together.

Right now, I really don't know how I'm going to vote in the presidential election. It boils down to this: I really like Obama and think he'd be a good leader (see previous posts on Obama), but I don't like how he seems to think government is the answer to everything. I don't really like John McCain and don't trust him too much, but I think he's right on a lot of the issues (see previous post on post-convention thoughts). If I had to vote today, I'd be voting for Bob Barr and smaller government. I am hoping the debates will help me clear things up.

As the debate gets ready to start today, there's something going on about an economy crisis we're in. Perhaps you've heard about it. I'm not an expert, but I kind of think the market should straighten itself out rather than the taxpayers. For example, maybe you missed that Washington Mutual went bankrupt overnight. The FDIC stepped in while we slept and by the morning, JP Morgan Chase bought it. That's how it's supposed to work. The system worked. So, why is this bailout happening?

On to the debates...

9:00pm - I was too young to know or care about Reagan vs. Mondale, but I can see why he was elected. Yes, I'm watching this on Fox News Channel.

9:02pm - I think the moderator is a trusted, respected and impartial journalist. I expect him to keep things fair and balanced... Yes I am watching this on Fox News Channel.

9:03pm - It's a foreign policy debate. First question: Domestic Economics. I can understand that today, I guess.

9:06pm - Prayers for Ted Kennedy, but this is a debate.

9:07pm - Quick comment about the economic crisis. Why does it take a crisis of this magnitude for Dems and Repubs to come together? And, if they have this much trouble doing that, how can we trust them with more mundane issues? I say we don't re-elect Washington incumbents.

9:10pm - I notice Obama has a plan and somewhat spelled it out. I didn't hear that from McCain. Did I miss it?

9:11pm - Hell, yeah we need personal responsibility. I'm speaking to me AND YOU. :)

9:14pm - Beliefs are great. But give me your plan, McCain!

9:15pm - My thoughts on earmarks. If the project is worth the money, why can't it stand on it's own?

9:17pm - Nice job, Obama, stating the fundamental differences between your plan and McCain's.

9:18pm - Obama's smirking like he's got a zinger coming.

9:20pm - McCain's answer on business taxes is why we need the FairTax.

9:21pm - I notice Obama's not jumping in to rebut, but waiting his turn. I like that.

9:23pm - Those loopholes Obama's talking about is also why we need the FairTax. I like how he's talking to McCain, not the moderator or the camera.

9:25pm - I want a new tax code, John. Guess which one?

9:26pm - A half hour in and no foreign policy talk? Did I miss the topic change?

9:28pm - The energy sector is ripe for new jobs, etc. I think Obama is way ahead in the energy debate.

9:30pm - McCain's tie is crap. He failed on dressing himself. That red & white stripe thing will kill him with the younger crowd.

9:31pm - Get'em Jim. Get them to answer the question.

9:34pm - As far as energy, I'd like Obama's plan more if there was more nuclear power involved in his plan.

9:35pm - 3 times, he asked the question. Finally, they answer the question. Ugh.

9:36pm - Hell yeah, as screwed up as the Fed. Government make things, why would we turn healthcare over to it?!? My wife would still be in loads of back pain if we had National Healthcare.

9:37pm - Yes, John, you have a plan. What is it?

9:38pm - Obama looks like he's in control, attacking McCain's record.

9:39pm - Iraq talk. Finally, foreign policy talk.

9:40pm - I do agree with McCain that the consequences of "losing" in Iraq are far worse than the pains of winning.


9:43pm - I do agree we have to use our military wisely.

9:45pm - John McCain tried to nail him with the committee thing, and Obama smacked that down.

9:47pm - I think Obama is being more truthful, in the telling the whole story sense.

9:52pm - I do think Obama's right in that it's time to start putting our resources in Afghanistan and pulling them out of Iraq. I don't know how much or how many at what time. Obama sounds like he would listen to the generals and leaders on the ground.

9:53pm - The kid called and I couldn't get to the phone in time. I called him back and voicemail. I missed McCain's reply.

9:56pm - I missed that whole thing about attacking Pakistan with McCain. Did Obama say he'd take out terrorists in the hills of Pakistan without their government's permission? Did I get that right?

10:00pm - What's the point of McCain's narrative? I mean, how does that help frame his plans? Plans and issue stances is what I'm looking for.

10:02pm - My eyes would have rolled at stinger McCain sent to Obama. Obama smiled, shook his head, and laughed. Good for him.

10:07pm - Carmel HS "smashed" North Central in football, the kid reports. I missed Obama's Iran answer.

10:08pm - I like Dennis Miller's name for him... Aquavelvetjad.

10:10pm - Obama's leading in the zingers, if not the debate. There hasn't been a "You're no John Kennedy" remark, but still.

10:13pm - What the heck did McCain mean by that 3" taller remark with the North/South Koreans?

10:15pm - I just noticed this. Is that a US Flag lapel pin Obama's wearing? When did he get so "patroitic?" :P

10:15:30pm - John served Barack with that last answer.

10:17pm - I don't think Iran is a 20th century dictatorship. 10th century is more like it.

10:18pm - Listening to Obama talk, he's much easier to talk to and understand than McCain, speaking in common language and with much less doubletalk.

10:25pm - It's breaking down a bit........

10:33pm - Bill Clinton had his left hand thump, Bob Dole had the ink pen in his hand. Obama has the right hand finger pinch.

10:35pm - "I come from Kenya... That's where I get my name." I think that was a subtle response to those "Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim." He's not people. JFC.

Well, I don't think McCain won, but I don't think Obama lost. Some good spirited exchanges, but no "knockout soundbites." I did get some answers I was looking for from Obama about some of his specific plans. I do think that Obama came out "cleaner" in the debate. That goes a long way to helping me pick a president. McCain came on stronger in near the end, but I don't know if that is what I'm looking for.

I've got cinnamon toast to make. Good night!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rainbow Conspiracy

What scares me isn't how moronic this person is. But, that this person will likely be voting in November.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hot Air

Well, I've watched Obama's acceptance speech, Gov. Sarah Palin's speech and John McCain's acceptance speech, and I currently have the overwhelming feeling that I will be voting for Bob Barr in November.

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely loved Obama's speech. It was very moving, but the next day I couldn't remember a single policy he outlined. I absolutely loved Sarah Palin's speech. I thought she handled it all very well and showed what she's all about. But again, I can't remember a single policy, except "Drill Now" type of stuff. McCain's speech didn't do a whole lot for me.

So, I guess I'm back to voting for the issues. And, really that's how everyone should be voting - basing their vote on the issues in which they believe.

I'm still planning on listening to all the debates. I should be able to make up my mind by then. With those, I, again, am looking for specific policy and not "my opponent says..." rhetoric.

Of course, the one who said "I'll pass the FairTax" first will get my vote. I have been looking for info on Palin's stance on the FairTax, but I haven't found anything.

Either way, if I had to pull the lever today, considering Indiana is likely to go to McCain, I'd check Bob Barr's box. After all, the best change I can think of is a third party rising in prominence.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Tricia's Fine

Just a quick update...

The surgery went as smoothly as it could. No complications or problems. She's in a hospital room with a self-medicating morphine drip. She'll be there for a few days until she's basically able to tolerate the pain associated with getting up to use the bathroom. It should clarify that the pain she is in is due to the surgery. All early indications seems to point to the surgery itself being a success. The herniated disc isn't causing her any noticeable pain.

Great News.