Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thoughts on Barack

I voted for Obama in today's primary.

A bit odd because I have been leaning toward Huckabee strictly because of the Fair Tax. When he ended up bowing out, I figured I would see survey the situation when the Indiana Primary rolled around. That was today. Hillary vs Barack...

I don't think I could vote for Hillary for any reason. Perhaps, if she supported the Fair Tax, but I don't think I could trust her support. I really don't want her to be President and if she's doesn't win the primary, all the better. But, I wanted my vote to mean more than just voting for the other guy. I mean, I still wanted to make a good decision based on my beliefs, morals and what I think is good for the country. Not just pull the lever on the person I dislike the least. This is something that has weighed on me for a while.

My biggest issues in this race are taxes and the economy. On the first issue, I will vote for who ever is down with the Fair Tax. Obama has not come out either way on the issue and last I saw was "still studying it." Let me tell you, if he gets the nomination and promises to pass the Fair Tax, McCain will lose.

The ecomony is in rough shape, but I don't think it's the gloom and doom that's been reported. Sure, gas prices and food prices are rising, but that has a lot to do with China and India's growning consumption, too. Actually, I think passing the Fair Tax would do wonders for the economy. But I digress, this is about Obama.

The thing that appeals to me the most about Barack Obama is that I feel he will talk to me like an adult on tough issues. I feel that he will listen to both the right and the left, and despite his way-left leanings, will make the best decision based on input from both sides of the isle... without getting in to a screaming match. That's what I hate about the political climate today. The divisiveness is not going to get us anywhere.

There are issues that are not black or white (or left and right or red and blue). There are ways to deal with those grey issues without insulting someone who thinks differently.

And, that's what most appeals to me about Obama. I can see him reaching across the aisle and says, "Yes, that's a great idea from the right." Conversely, I can see him saying, "I think that's good idea, person on the left." And, those decisions would be made after listening to all sides of the issue and making the best decision for the country.

I don't get that with any of the other candidates.

And, that is what I'm looking for in politics - Intellegent discussion and from that intellegent answers and solutions. Obama is easily the best bet to bring that around.

That is a change I would be quite welcome to see.

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