Saturday, August 31, 2002

The kid's job today was to clean his room. I told him this around 10am. His task has not been completed. Why, 12 hours later, is his room not clean?

And I quote:

"It's not my fault my room's not clean.
Everything I touched made me play with it."

I don't think there's more to say about that...

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Sadly, I think John Mayer is now ruined for me. Thanks to about 1000 teenagers, mostly girls, who love his lips. It was very easy to tell the Guster fans from the John Mayer crowd. The female John Mayer fans wore basically the same thing: low-rider jeans and some cute, trendy, fuck-me top. A few of the females went out of their way to show their lust for John Mayer by making shirts that said stuff like "My body is YOUR Wonderland, John!" refering to his song called "Your Body is a Wonderland." This particular shirt was worn by girls so young that I doubt they have any idea how their body is wonderland, meaning they surely have never been brought to orgasm by themselves or another. I love irony.

The Guster fans didn't dress up. Mostly tee-shrits and jeans. I was decked out in my faded jeans and grey Barenaked Circus tee (Thank you, Gail) and I would have worn sandals, but I didn't think I wanted my toes broken by the screamin' throngs in thongs. And they knew the words to all the songs (except the one's that are on the soon-to-be-released album).

Mayer fans just knew the words to "No Such Thing." You know, I wanna run through the walls of my high school/I wanna scream at the top of my lungs , etc. As a side note, I first saw John Mayer open up for Guster a little over a year ago. It was just him and his guitar and I fell in love with his music. Of course, I didn't buy the album until last week, but I already know the words to half the album.

I took the boy to see the show. We were up front for the opening band, but it was too loud for him so we moved out of the crowd. I was able to put him on my shoulders for most of Guster's set. People seemed to like him. Folks kept asking him for high-5s. And after seeing Brian (Guster's Road Journal that Brian writes) break his hands playing percussion, the kid more than ever wants a drum kit. Gotta get a bigger place first, kid...

Guster played basically the same set they played in Austin just in a different order. Though, perhaps they knew I was in the crowd last night I decided to play "All The Way Up To Heaven," 'cause it's like my favorite. How can you not like a song that is sung mostly falsetto and has the bossa nova rhythm from a small old Casio keyboard keeping the beat?

It was a school night, so I didn't want to kid out too late. We decided to stay until Mr. Lusty Lips played his hit. That's the song the kid wanted to hear, anyway. And, it was like he, too, knew we were there and need to get to bed soon. John played "No Such Thing" right off the top. It was still a little early though, so we stayed for a few more songs. The kid was in bed asleep by 10:15pm.

But, yeah, I think that John Mayer live is now ruined for me. I just can't get into him like I did that first time when thousands of screaming girls and a few boys are yelling about how much they want his body while he strokes his real love - the love he and I share for playing music.

Well, I can still dig the album at least...

Monday, August 26, 2002

WOW! Millions of people have been searching the web for Tamyra Grey's (from American Idol) little corner of the internet world and a few of these souls have found their way to mine... Yes, I was incredibly surprised to see Ms. Grey get the boot, but relax Tamyra lovers. Someone will give her a record contract. She is THAT good.

Here's the post I made when the whole American Idol phenomeon started. I predicted Justin to win it all... and the only reason I have to think he still win is that more teenage girls call for these things than males do. Now, I really believe that Kelly Clarkson should win. She (and Tamyra, too) have impressed me the most over the whole show. Justin, in my opinion, has fallen flat a few times. And while I love the whole package that Nikki McKibbin offers, I don't think she has enough talent to win this thing. That doesn't mean I don't think she's got a good voice; she just doesn't have to best voice and most talent in this competetion.

Anyway, all you folks who came here looking for Tamyra, sorry if I didn't live up to that... but I hope I at least pointed you in the right direction. Thanks for playing. Come back again soon. Drive carefully...

Update (8/27/02): Tamyra fans rejoice...

Sunday, August 25, 2002

Guster was incredible. John Mayer was impressive. The weekend was too much fun for now I've got an emptiness in the pit of my heart now that it's all over. And I still want to get my hair cut...

Thursday, August 22, 2002

After reading through the Libertarian Party's Issues and Positions, I have come to this one conclusion. Sit down, I'm sure it's a shocker...

I am libertarian.

Not that I have a problem with that. Quite proud of that fact. And, no I won't be going all pundit on your arse. I'm just realizing, after many years of trying to identify who I am politically, that I am definately not Republican, most probably not a Democrat, but, in fact, Libertarian. The worst part of that, I suppose, is that I'm a Texas Libertarian. That's not too bad, I guess, really. Just have to get used to not many people sharing many of my ideals...

Here's a few (I'm glazing over them in the interest of time and space):

1) Drugs... It is my belief that, at least, marijuana should be legalized. Furthermore, the government would do good to put a hefty tax on the sale of the stuff and use the money to reduce the nation debt and educate people about the difference between drug use and drug abuse. Yes, there is a difference. You can be a drug user without being an abuser. It's all about personal responsibility. No, don't smoke some reefer before going to work. No, don't smoke grass if you're gonna be driving. Sure, smoke a bowl at home, not with the kids around, if you're in for the night.

2) Abortion and Birth Control... While I don't think the wife and I will ever get an abortion, that's OUR personal choice. And so I extend the same courtesy to other women and couples who make a different choice. It's not for me, but maybe it's for you. I do think abortions should occur in the first trimester. After that, if you don't want the baby, put it up for adoption. Of course, there would be less abortions if birth control was more prominently displayed as an option. Sex education is the schools should include birth control because, guess what, kids are having sex. Abstince would be a great option, but sex is too damn good for that to be a real option, so teach people that safe sex is good sex.

3) Gun Control... Did you ever notice that the people who do the killing with guns aren't the people who have been trained to shoot it? And by that I mean, most people in the NRA. Yeah, they can be a pain in the tookus, but I've never heard of an NRA murderer. People who have been trained at an early age to respect guns and gun safety aren't the people using guns for violent crimes. It's gangs and people who need a gun to feel confident and powerful. You can keep your guns and I'll defend your 2nd Amendment Right to bear them. Again, it's all about personal responsibility and taking it.

So, there! Yeah, I'm a god-damn liberal...

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Two nights now I've had a similar dream. Whereever I go in my dream, I'm beating out a drum beat. Air-drumming if you will. In my car while driving, I remember my hands tapping on the wheel. While we sat in the waiting area at the Tae Kwon Do place, I was beating the walls like it was a set of congos and I was Brian from Guster. While my wife made out with Jennifer Aniston, I was slapping my knee.

Everywhere I went in my dream, I was drumming to some unheard beat and many of the people heard me and got into to. They began drumming along. Soon, everyone was a "Thundergod", hammering out rhythms and beats they had never heard. And yet, the beat was not unfamiliar to anyone for we all were in sync with each other.

I am taking these dreams as a good omen for this weekend's shows. I'm taking this as a sign that the shows will be a near religious experience for the audience. For everyone, at least in my group if not the entire audience, to all be on the same brainwave and just groove to the melodious sounds booming from the stage.

Guster + John Mayer = Great Show.

Now, I just pray that's its a good omen or sign that in my dream the wife and Jennifer Aniston were making out... ;-)

Monday, August 19, 2002

Only 5 more days...I don't know how I am maintaining. The excitement is almost over-bearing. In 5 days, I get to see Guster live! "Who?" I hear you all say... GUSTER!! They are one of my absolute favorite bands to see live. It's three guys. Two play mainly aucostic guitar and the other is the percussionist.

The reason I say percussionist is because Brian, a.k.a. The Legendary Conguero (prob'ly massacred that spelling), doesn't play on a drum kit...Well, now I understand he picked up some sticks for a few songs for the tour and soon-to-be-released album...Anyway, he plays congos, bongos, cymbals, etc. And he does it all with his hands plus he doesn't hold back. Watching Brian Rosenworcel play is like...God I can't describe it. All the energy...the inspiration from watching him perform...I was stunned speechless the first time I saw Guster play. After that show, Brian was meeting fans with his hands in a big white bucket of ice. That's how intense the guy is.

He also writes a road journal for the band. Heh, Guster Blogs.

I first saw Guster play at Stubb's Bar-b-que in Austin. Some guy named John Mayer was opening for them. Just him and a guitar. A very soulful singer/songwriter. I was touched by the way he captured my ears. And he blogs, too (road journal at the bottom of the loaded page). That was one of the best nights in the history of music as far as I am concerned.

Hopefully, Saturday will be another. Guster is back in Austin, only this time they are opening for John Mayer. And next Wednesday, I see them both again when they play in Houston. And what's even better is that I get to share what I think will be two wonderful nights of glorious music with my wife. I'm hoping she will get a bigger glimpse of how much music means to me. I'm also passing on this music appreciation to my kid. He is very excited about the show.

Oh, in case any of you Austinites or Houstonians are interested, there's a chance that I'll have two extra tickets to the Austin show. Again, it's Saturday, August 24th at 8pm. The venue is the Bardyard. Let me know if you'd like them and we'll see what we can do. I'm selling them for face value...

Friday, August 16, 2002

Going home for the weekend. Hopefully, by the end of the day I'll be full up on mom's gumbo. YUM!

I'll leave you with a song I've been working on for about 6 years now. Well, the chorus anyway. It'll be my first single...when I'm turn 50...right.

Have a good weekend...

When I'm walking with my Daisy.
When I'm kissing her two lips.
Everything's coming up a-roses

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Impromptu Blues Song in the Key of B Flat (literally)

Well I woke up this morning and shoulda went back to bed.
Said I woke up this morning and shoulda went back to bed.
Said I got maybe 3 hours sleep and a pounding in my head.

Well I got off the couch where I laid my weary head.
Said I got off the couch where I laid my weary head.
Ain't no sunshine a-shining, a ton of rain came down instead.

Well I got ready to go and my truck she had a flat.
Said I got ready to go and my truck she had a flat.
So I drove her to Firestone and coughed up 75 cash.

So my wheels are a rolling in the pouring down rain.
Said my wheels are a rolling in the pouring down rain.
Then I hit Houston traffic, stop and go sure is a pain.

Well, folks in Houston can't drive, you should see them when it's wet.
Said, folks in Houston can't drive, you should see them when it's wet
Flooded streets don't stop dem beamers from speeding like a jet.

Well, I left home right around 8, got to work at half-past 10.
Said I left home right about 8, got to work at half-past 10.
What used to take me 20 minutes, took half the day instead.

Stroke dat 6-string for me Smiley...

(*Guitar Solo*)

Now I'm sitting a work now, meeting a client at 1.
Said I'm sitting a work now, meeting a client at 1.
Think I'll go home and play Grand Theft Auto when that's done.

I got dem flat-tire-no-sleep-raining-hard-like-a-mule-people-can't-drive Blues... OH yeah...

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Well, I guess always saw this coming in the back of my head. One day if things didn't change I knew that she would leave. And she did. That's wife left me and took the kid with her.

Oh, don't worry. She'll be back. Seriously, she's just going back home for the weekend and I'll be joining them on Friday.

*giggle* Got you! You fell for that didn't you... Someone always does...

The reality is she has to go back home to work at the bridal store she mail orders bridal veils to. Usually, we all go in for a weekend and she works on Saturday once a month. But in the summer when school is out, she can take the kid with her and work for 3 or 4 days straight. And that leaves me all lonely and alone for a few days.

Today is the first day. It's gonna be a rough couple of days because I hate sleeping in that bed all by myself. Just the thought of sleeping alone after 5 or so years of having a warm body next to me repels me from the bed like Calista Flockheart at a buffet.

So, what I end up doing is staying up so extremely late that I practically collapse when my head hits the pillow. And that's if I don't just sleep on the couch. If I'm up at 2am I wouldn't be surprised. And then my alarm is set for 5am. So, the next few days will be fun and full of sleep deprivaiton. What a great state of mind, eh? Sleep Dep Rocks!

Wow! The American Idol kiddies are rehersing with Burt "Supreme King Cool" Bacharach. You can officially color me jealous. I think that's a shade of jaded green and green looks good on me, so it's ok.

Burt Bacharach...

I borrowed the Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach album Painted From Memory from the library. It's going to be very very hard to bring that sucker back. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. It is just incredible.

"In the darkest place, I know that is where you'll find me even though you didn't have to remind me I shut out the light. Your eyes adjust; they'll never be the same. You know I love you so"

In the Darkest Place; Painted From Memory; EC & BB

Monday, August 12, 2002

On the drive home from work, I pressed scan on the radio and came across this song (that's a midi version) on whatever soft rock station it was. Maybe Sunny 99.1 or perhaps it was the 80's station, 106.9 The Point... That doesn't matter...

Faithfully by Journey came on, and you know how songs remind you of something, some memory that's been buried in the back of your head? Well, hearing this song opened the flood gates...

Look over there, push past the mist and you'll see a roller skating rink on the outskirts of a small Louisiana town. As you approach the door, you can hear the music playing - a mix of early 80's hip hop, some glam rock and Aerosmith's career revival known as Run DMC. You pay the money to enter and get your skates.

To the right, there are some lockers for your stuff and along the wall various video games - pacman, ms. pacman, 2 pool tables, an air hockey game and a few others. To the left, the concession stand. You can smell the overcooked hot dogs and burnt chili and you know that water is thicker than the nacho cheese. In front of you, the disco-lit stage of the roller rink.

You find your friends and park yourself next to them on a bench near the slick wooden surface. While strapping your roller skates on, your friends make for the rink and you catch a glimpse of the girl or guy you've had a huge crush on. You smile at them and they smile back.

Playing it cool, you head off to race around with your friends. For the first lap or two, you take it easy getting used to the familar wheels and motions again. Soon, you're skating backwards and lapping your buddies, comfortable once again in your groovy, discotheque-on-wheels world.

Then, the song ends and the DJ says the next song is for couples only. Your heart racing, your eye catches your crush's. Rushing, but not hurrying, you roll up to your early teen infatuation and ask them if they want to dance.

As the first notes of Faithfully drift out of the speakers, you take your partner's hand in yours and skate together counterclock-wise, happy you found each other. Happy you're one of the chosen. One of the chosen to have someone to skate with during worst 5 minutes to be all alone.

Together, hand in hand, you circle the floor. Steve Perry serenading the both of you. You look in each other's eyes and know that you both are indeed forever yours...faithfully. Perhaps you even give each other a quick kiss.

So enraptured in this moment of saccarine teenage love bliss, you barely register me somewhere in the background, probably playing that damn Journey video game...

Saturday, August 10, 2002

So is the state I live in... I offer up these signs in Texas - a collection of signs found somewhere in the great big ol' state of Texas. My favs are #36 and #47...

Friday, August 09, 2002

My new favorite commercial is from the marketing geniuses that do the Jack in the Box Commercials.

Jack is asking folks about his new better tasting burger. He goes up to one house and askes the guy who answers his name... Guy replies "Ronald MacDonald." Jack is like "all right"... Ronald tries the burger and says he loves it.

Jack says "See, even Ronald MacDonlad loves Jack in the Box burgers.."


See more Jack Spots here.

What commercials do you like?

Thursday, August 08, 2002

Journal time...

Lately, I've been feeling really burnt out at work. It's not that I don't like what I do. I highly enjoy my job. But I don't think I can work in TV promotions for much longer. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to deal with the crap that is local news. A lot of my stress and burnt-out feelings stem from having to promote a local newscast. Not that the newscast I promote is crap. It's one of the few newscasts I could watch as a viewer. But, I don't think TV promotions is my final calling, as it were.

What I'd really like to do just strictly edit stuff. You know, take video or film that other people shot and piece it all together. And I'd like to branch out into editing things that are over :30 seconds in length. For the past 6 years, I've done nothing but produce either commercials or promos.

If you have time and quicktime, you can view someof my latest work here, here and here. At least, you should be able to; some folks have told me they had problems...

I've learned alot and refined my editing skills. From my super-quick turnaround to how great the final product looks to how easy I am to work with, I've earned clients' respect and business because my work impressed them. My strengths lie in editing; that's not being cocky, that's just knowing. And what's even better is that I love to edit stuff. I don't care what it is.

So, now I'm thinking maybe it's time to get out of TV. Or at least TV promotions. It's time to move on and start a new phase of my career. I want to get into movies. I want to get a job with a post-production company. I want to focus entirely on editing. Whether that's movies, or a tv show, or, heck even the occassional commercial. I don't care. Editing.

In about 2 years, I will be completely vested in the company I work for. Basically that means I get a ton of good stock. Probably enough for a decent down payment on a house. But I don't know how all that works. My main concern is that in those two years, I need to get 'in' with a post house or become some edit assistant. I don't mind giving up my Fridays and Saturdays volunteer with movie folk to learn the trade and make some contacts. Problem is I can't find jack shit in this area to give even a hint as to where to start looking to volunteer. Anyone know where I can look in Houston???

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

So, you think you have an idea as to who I am or what my personality is like, eh? Care to take a quiz to prove it? A 10 question test about me. See how many you can get right. If you come hear often enough, you should be able to make at least some good educated guesses if you don't know the answers. Thanks to the folks at Friend Test for the stuff.

Oh, if you don't wanna take it now, the test is also linked up on the left over there. See it? Good. OK. Have a good day now, ya hear.

Monday, August 05, 2002

So many reasons to let out a good cry. Alas, there's no place to hide whilst I do...

Sucks being the person everyone comes to for a shoulder sometimes. Can't use your own shoulder and you can't show them you need a shoulder 'cause then they'll see you're not strong enough for the both of you...

Saturday, August 03, 2002

If you ever need some construction work done, just ask my kid. He took his belt test for Tae Kwon Do, or rather his probation test. His original test was 2 weeks ago and he passed everything except the board breaking test. It's a difficult thing to do, not because its breaking a board -- he's easily passed those tests before. It's the kick he had to use to break the board -- a back kick.

Basically, the kick is performed by pivoting backwards on your front foot and kicking the target with your back foot. The problem is you have to get your head and, more specifically, your eyes around quick enough to focus on the target. The kid wasn't turning his head fast enough, so his kicks were off-target. So, we worked on his aim and turning his head and eyes to the target.

Oh my God, did the practice pay off. Today, he broke a 1-inch thick board in half with such force and velocity that I'm a little scared to punish him for fear of a broken leg. It was glorious to see the smile on his face when he accomplished this feat. So, he now has a red belt in Tae Kwon Do, about 4 belts away from black belt. He should get that in about a year.

A 10-year old black belt. Can you imagine? And what's even more trippy is there are 5 and 6 year old black belts at the place he is taught. That would mean they were breaking boards when they were 4 years old. Seeing these little kids do something that I, an adult with a fair amount of strength, probably couldn't do is an amazing thing.

It makes me wonder why older kids need a gun to have confidence.

Tae Kwon Do is not just about self-defense. It's about self-confidence and self-disipline -- two things no child should be without.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Ok, I broke down and decided to try out this blogrolling thing. Excuse the mess while I figure out where to put it and how it works...

I think I almost got it... Yep, I got it! Go with my-not-knowing-html-bad-ass-self!!