Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Well, I guess always saw this coming in the back of my head. One day if things didn't change I knew that she would leave. And she did. That's right...my wife left me and took the kid with her.

Oh, don't worry. She'll be back. Seriously, she's just going back home for the weekend and I'll be joining them on Friday.

*giggle* Got you! You fell for that didn't you... Someone always does...

The reality is she has to go back home to work at the bridal store she mail orders bridal veils to. Usually, we all go in for a weekend and she works on Saturday once a month. But in the summer when school is out, she can take the kid with her and work for 3 or 4 days straight. And that leaves me all lonely and alone for a few days.

Today is the first day. It's gonna be a rough couple of days because I hate sleeping in that bed all by myself. Just the thought of sleeping alone after 5 or so years of having a warm body next to me repels me from the bed like Calista Flockheart at a buffet.

So, what I end up doing is staying up so extremely late that I practically collapse when my head hits the pillow. And that's if I don't just sleep on the couch. If I'm up at 2am I wouldn't be surprised. And then my alarm is set for 5am. So, the next few days will be fun and full of sleep deprivaiton. What a great state of mind, eh? Sleep Dep Rocks!

Wow! The American Idol kiddies are rehersing with Burt "Supreme King Cool" Bacharach. You can officially color me jealous. I think that's a shade of jaded green and green looks good on me, so it's ok.

Burt Bacharach...

I borrowed the Elvis Costello and Burt Bacharach album Painted From Memory from the library. It's going to be very very hard to bring that sucker back. The first time I heard it I fell in love with it. It is just incredible.

"In the darkest place, I know that is where you'll find me even though you didn't have to remind me I shut out the light. Your eyes adjust; they'll never be the same. You know I love you so"

In the Darkest Place; Painted From Memory; EC & BB

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