Thursday, August 22, 2002

After reading through the Libertarian Party's Issues and Positions, I have come to this one conclusion. Sit down, I'm sure it's a shocker...

I am libertarian.

Not that I have a problem with that. Quite proud of that fact. And, no I won't be going all pundit on your arse. I'm just realizing, after many years of trying to identify who I am politically, that I am definately not Republican, most probably not a Democrat, but, in fact, Libertarian. The worst part of that, I suppose, is that I'm a Texas Libertarian. That's not too bad, I guess, really. Just have to get used to not many people sharing many of my ideals...

Here's a few (I'm glazing over them in the interest of time and space):

1) Drugs... It is my belief that, at least, marijuana should be legalized. Furthermore, the government would do good to put a hefty tax on the sale of the stuff and use the money to reduce the nation debt and educate people about the difference between drug use and drug abuse. Yes, there is a difference. You can be a drug user without being an abuser. It's all about personal responsibility. No, don't smoke some reefer before going to work. No, don't smoke grass if you're gonna be driving. Sure, smoke a bowl at home, not with the kids around, if you're in for the night.

2) Abortion and Birth Control... While I don't think the wife and I will ever get an abortion, that's OUR personal choice. And so I extend the same courtesy to other women and couples who make a different choice. It's not for me, but maybe it's for you. I do think abortions should occur in the first trimester. After that, if you don't want the baby, put it up for adoption. Of course, there would be less abortions if birth control was more prominently displayed as an option. Sex education is the schools should include birth control because, guess what, kids are having sex. Abstince would be a great option, but sex is too damn good for that to be a real option, so teach people that safe sex is good sex.

3) Gun Control... Did you ever notice that the people who do the killing with guns aren't the people who have been trained to shoot it? And by that I mean, most people in the NRA. Yeah, they can be a pain in the tookus, but I've never heard of an NRA murderer. People who have been trained at an early age to respect guns and gun safety aren't the people using guns for violent crimes. It's gangs and people who need a gun to feel confident and powerful. You can keep your guns and I'll defend your 2nd Amendment Right to bear them. Again, it's all about personal responsibility and taking it.

So, there! Yeah, I'm a god-damn liberal...

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