Monday, August 19, 2002

Only 5 more days...I don't know how I am maintaining. The excitement is almost over-bearing. In 5 days, I get to see Guster live! "Who?" I hear you all say... GUSTER!! They are one of my absolute favorite bands to see live. It's three guys. Two play mainly aucostic guitar and the other is the percussionist.

The reason I say percussionist is because Brian, a.k.a. The Legendary Conguero (prob'ly massacred that spelling), doesn't play on a drum kit...Well, now I understand he picked up some sticks for a few songs for the tour and soon-to-be-released album...Anyway, he plays congos, bongos, cymbals, etc. And he does it all with his hands plus he doesn't hold back. Watching Brian Rosenworcel play is like...God I can't describe it. All the energy...the inspiration from watching him perform...I was stunned speechless the first time I saw Guster play. After that show, Brian was meeting fans with his hands in a big white bucket of ice. That's how intense the guy is.

He also writes a road journal for the band. Heh, Guster Blogs.

I first saw Guster play at Stubb's Bar-b-que in Austin. Some guy named John Mayer was opening for them. Just him and a guitar. A very soulful singer/songwriter. I was touched by the way he captured my ears. And he blogs, too (road journal at the bottom of the loaded page). That was one of the best nights in the history of music as far as I am concerned.

Hopefully, Saturday will be another. Guster is back in Austin, only this time they are opening for John Mayer. And next Wednesday, I see them both again when they play in Houston. And what's even better is that I get to share what I think will be two wonderful nights of glorious music with my wife. I'm hoping she will get a bigger glimpse of how much music means to me. I'm also passing on this music appreciation to my kid. He is very excited about the show.

Oh, in case any of you Austinites or Houstonians are interested, there's a chance that I'll have two extra tickets to the Austin show. Again, it's Saturday, August 24th at 8pm. The venue is the Bardyard. Let me know if you'd like them and we'll see what we can do. I'm selling them for face value...

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