Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Debate About The Debate

I didn't get to see the entire debate. Between a theatre meeting I was at until 8:30pm and a sick kid that was getting an ear infection, my attention was diverted elsewhere.

Dick Cheney scares me. Not because he's evil incarnate, but because he's evil incarnate that speaks so well. He is a wonderful speaker.

Slight Tangent: Remember the Zero Conspiracy Theory? That's the one that says there's a connection between presidental assassination attempts and presidents elected in a year ending in 0. The reason why Bush has so far proven that theory wrong is because Chevey is presently next in line for the job. Think it's scary with Bush in charge? I can't even fathom what the world would be like with Cheney in charge of the World's Greatest Nation.

But, yes, Cheney is a very smooth politican. Smooth talker.

This was my first chance to hear John Edwards speak. And I think he did very well. He held his own. I'd call it more of a draw than anything. Maybe give a slight edge to Cheney because of his speaking skills. But, John Edwards certainly didn't lose the debate. He did as good as I think he needed to do.

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