Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Final Friends

I'm sure you know that tonight's episode of Friends will be the last one. I'm also sure that more than a few of you will cry tonight around 9:53pm Eastern/8:53pm Central. Don't forget, it's all about Friends tonight on NBC. A one hour clip show airs first.

Will Ross and Rachel end up together? Probably. How could they not? If they don't, it'll likely be perceived as a worse send-off than Seinfeld was (Personally, I rather liked how Seinfeld ended. The last scene made complete sense, but that's another post). As for Monica and Chandler, what's their storyline? I haven't watched the last few episodes. Aren't they adopting some blondie's kid? And buying a house? Well, moving out of that apartment makes sense. That will represent more of an ending than anything else.

What about Phoebe? Does anyone care? And Joey, NBC hopes you'll care, but I really can't see a Joey Tribiani spin-off working ratings magic.

On a side note, I can not friggin' wait until the new season of The O. C.

Back to Friends. Here's a good article about the last episode. It basically says that Friends isn't so much a sitcom as a funny soap opera. And know you, kinda makes sense. Read the article and think about it...

Here's my tribute to the ending of Friends. It's a spoof I wrote a few months ago that never got produced. Enjoy.

by: ML

Concept: A promo spot for the final episode of Friends

Thursday on the final episode of Friends.

(*Joey, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, Rachel and Ross are hanging out at a coffee shop.*)

I can't believe it's over.

Could it BE any more over?

6 careers come to an end...

MONICA: (*realizing*)
Oh My God! David is now the breadwinner!

RACHEL: (*mockingly weighing their husband choices*)
David... Brad... David... Brad... Oh yeah, that was a better choice.

Get ready to say good-bye...

You guys, what are we going to do?

JOEY: (*eating cake*)
Well, they gave me a spin off...

(*All 5 eye Joey jealousy*)

Get him!!

(*They attack Joey and beat him down*)

Be there for the big send off...

ROSS: (*Kicking Joey*)
You were in Ed?!?! How the F*** did you get a spin off?

Could you BE any lamer? At least, I kissed Selma Hayak!

(*They all end up on top of Joey, wrestling him down.)*

The Final Friends... It's over... It's finally over... except in syndication...

ALL: (*They stop beating up Joey and look up*)

That's right! I'm still the breadwinner!

RACHEL: (*Standing up*)
Oh, that'll last longer than any Joey spin-off...

Don't forget all the DVD sales.

Could we BE any more overexposed?

ROSS: (*Looks around*)
Where's Emma? And Ben?

*Cut to Friends End page*

The Final Friends... Dear God, please let it end...