Thursday, July 01, 2004

Damn you, Jessica Simpson!

Damn you, damn you straight to hell, Jessica.

And just when you were starting to change my opinion of you. Just when your blonde bimbo routine was starting to work it's charm on me. Just when I was this close to searching for "Jessica Simpson nude" (uh oh... that's gonna gimme some hits), you go an drop a huge bomb. I can forgive your stupidity: the Chicken of the Sea stuff, the buffalo wings incident. But, this crappy remake, I cannot forgive.

You dare cover Robbie Williams, "Angels," and then you fuck it up severely! Even after fucking up, "Take my breath away" you dare to attempt another cover. Can't you write a lyric on your own?

The thing that bothers me the most is Robbie Williams has been trying so hard to break it in America. He's practically a god overseas. And his wonderful version of "Angels" was probably his biggest hit here. But now, that song will forever be known as "that Angel song by Jessica." And that is such an incredibly, appalling tragedy.

Of course, maybe I should blame the state of music in America. The crap that the American public will buy. Fantasia for godsake? Robbie is 1000 times more talented.

Ya know, sometimes I don't want Guster, or Liz Phair, or BNL, or Ryan Adams to get too big and successful. Sometimes, I just wanna keep them to myself because the same public that buys Britney, J-Lo, and Jessica doesn't deserve such wonderful music, such aural pleasure. They certainly don't deserve Rufus...

**Bunglermoose, maybe, but that'll never happen...

**A 3-piece band made up of myself and two friends who jammed a few times and recorded a song or two, but sadly, never serious enough to get it together.

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