Monday, June 28, 2004

Darn hand-coding

So, I was tinkering with a thing or two with the template and done did screwed a few things up. Don't know exactly what I did or didn't do right, but here's the casualties:

1) The Random Quote is gone... for now. Something about the JavaScript it didn't like. It will be back as soon as I can figure Javascripting out... heh... with all new and improved quotes.

2) Actually, that's the only think you really need to worry about. And you don't need to really worry about it I guess. I got rid of a few other things that I don't need here anymore, stat tracking and whatnots.

I did add a new link or two. Check out Something Positive. It's a hysterical online comic/cartoon. Thanks Eds for gettin' me to notice.

Still haven't gotten any ideas or responses about redesigning the place... though I'm not surprised...

Oh well, at least I'm not getting any more error messages, which hopefully means you aren't either.

TANGENT: At some point during the last 2 months, I managed to lose about 10 pounds. It completely befuddles me as to how that happened. I did try a little bit of exercise when I began walking everyday, but that lasted all of two weeks. Sure, the show keeps me busy but I've never lost weight on a show before. And that's including the two shows where I wore head-to-toe fur and danced around for an hour. But, who the hell cares, I lost 10 pounds. Looking at my eating habits, maybe I should eat more Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Wendy's. I generally eat Subway once a week (12" Chicken Teriyaki on honey oat loaded with onion and pickles - to repel people - and mayo, cheese, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar) and that can't be it. Again, who cares? I lost 10 pounds.

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