Thursday, January 22, 2004

Keyshawn Johnson was robbed!

Really he was mugged...

Keyshawn Johnson robbed at gunpoint!

To sum the story up, the outsed Buccaneer wide receiver was mugged by 2 suspects. They got away with money and jewerly. I wonder if they got his Super Bowl ring? Don't fret Keyshawn. I'm sure you'll get another one in the next two years with your good buddy Coach Parcells in Dallas.

Speaking of football... I'm gonna root for the Panthers. I have always liked Jake Delhomme. Something about him impressed me when he was with the Saints. They have to be kicking themselves right now. New Orleans' former back-up QB is in the Super Bowl and has a good chance at winning. Meanwhile, their $5 million dollar QB can't get them in the playoffs. Somewhere, former Saints GM Bill Kuharich is laughing.

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