Saturday, March 30, 2002

This could never be a daily. Too many things to do. Not enough time to even think about something to write about. So those two or three of you who come here on a daily basis, thanks, but you might want to come every 3 days or so. I figure that's as regular as I can be.

I'm in a Guster Mood. Check them out on the left. They are a band, but not a Christian band like many people seem to think. They are, in fact, Jewish. Musically, I want to do what they are doing. Write some songs, get in a studio and record. They tour, but I don't really have the interest to tour. I'd rather record great music. Maybe one day, I'll share some lyrics with you. Maybe one day later, I'll share some songs with you. Maybe one day, I'll have some decent equipment.

"Two points for honesty. It must make you sad to know that nobody cares at all"
-- Guster
"Two Points For Honesty"
Lost and Gone Forever

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