Friday, April 05, 2002

Here's some lyrics I wrote kinda recently. I'm sure it needs some fine tuning. It's about a person who is annoying enough to shove themselves in your life, but insignificant enough for you not to care about them. The working title is Visibly Invisible. I'm more of a lyricist than a songwriter, but I'm working on the music. If I just had some recording equipment.....but I digress...In my head I'm hearing a mellow tune. A little bit of finger-picked aucostic guitar over the verses. An organ, perhaps a Hammond B-3, over the chorus. High female harmony with a low rough male vocal melody. Everything builds up through the bridge and dies out for the last verse. And it ends on the last word, just hanging there like it's not finished...No, really, I haven't thought this one out...

She doesn�t have a way to go.
North or South is just the same.
She wants to be my friend
And she hopes to fall in love again.

Tape-records everything she says
So she don�t forget the sound
She wants to be my friend
I�d prefer if she weren�t around

Invisible, Insensitive
though sensitive and miserable
She�s visibly invisible
While she walks the streets of her home
And rain pours down washing away
All her hope and all her pain
Visibly Invisible
A soul sleep-walking nobody will miss.

Says whatever�s on her mind
It don�t matter what the subject is
And what�s always on her mind
Is her life of suffering.

Sun comes out and she�s around
But when it rains, she turns to dust
She don�t know what age to act
She�s a life-force succubus



Come to found out all her promises were lies
Desperate hearts don�t need no alibis.

Got a call just a few days ago
Said she was sorry for being herself
She�s spins a web like medicine
I hung up without saying goodbye

- copyright 2002

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