Tuesday, May 28, 2002

I found this on the AP wires....

(Fort Wayne, Indiana-AP) -- How about a beer with lunch? Or make that beer in your lunch. Two Purdue University students have created a beer-flavored spice. Lab partners Luke Meyers and Michelle Kelly came up with powdered brew as part of a college project. They converted non-alcoholic beer into a freeze-dried powder that can be sprinkled on food. They found classmates liked the beer flavor to spice-up chips or popcorn. The brew powder can even be used to make instant beer for campers or hikers. Just add soda water and alcohol and presto -- you a have brewski. The beer spice experiment turned out so well, Purdue officials are considering a patent. If the product makes it to market, the school and the students will share in the proceeds.

Same thing, different version here.

A beer-flavored spice. Sounds good to me. Just think of all the foods beer spice could enhance. Liver and Onions would be a treat. And I might actually admit to liking broccolli as long as it was smeared in beer-spiced melted cheese. Just let me know when they have an Abita Amber flavor since I can't find my favorite beer anywhere around here (except for $3.25 a bottle at Hungry's - ain't paying that much).

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