Thursday, June 06, 2002

Reading Clayton's latest post, I am reminded why I don't like my office area....I have no windows. No view. No access to the outside world, except when I occasionally leave the building for lunch. Just a cubicle, horrible florescent lighting, and a few of my personal things.

That got me thinking....I can't think of what to search for to see if there is a sight like this...but wouldn't this be a great idea? A website that gives you a view. An office window in a pop-up box. *Filing this under business ideas* I'd imagine it would just be a bunch of webcams set-up at scenic areas. Visitors could come to the site, click on a view and a wonderous scenic view would pop-up.

This is the view from my old office, 28 stories up in the World Trade Center in New Orleans. Ok, well not exactly. Turn the camera about 30 degrees to the left and that was my view. Actually, I believe this cam is on the top of the WTC in New Orleans.

I had a great view of the Mississippi River and French Quarter. My old station used to have a webcam up at their website that was exactly the view from my office, but its apparently no longer there....I must keep up with the rumors from the old office...

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