Saturday, June 08, 2002

This was in my inbox:

i have a favor. sarah peppers rents are going out of town tomorrow night and
staying in the city...therefore she is staying by herself. i was just
wondering if oyu could find a buyer to get us like 1 12 pack of bud light
and then a couple packs of smirnoff? i can pay you everything. then just
meet lauren mcdaniel and i somewhere and give it to us...we'll go straight
to saras so we wont get caught. if you could, we would really appriciate it
:):) thanks dude. call me


My reply:

A) Do I know you?

B) Do I know Sarah Peppers or her 'rents?

C) Do I know Lauren McDaniel?

D) If you want people to commit a crime (because I'm assuming you're minors), at least pick a good beer.

And I really wanted to add something like, "how can I call you if you don't give me you're number?" but that's a bit pedophilish...

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