Wednesday, July 31, 2002

I'm trying really hard not to like Pink, but dammit if she isn't making that feat damn near impossible!

Honestly, I darn near hated that girl when she first came out. "Another white girl trying to be black," is what my first impression of her was. So, I dismissed her and her music as a flash-in-the-pan fad. I remember scoffing at a fellow co-worker for having her first CD.

Then came that Lady Marmalade song from Moulin Rouge. I didn't see the video first; I don't have cable. But, the buzz was on about the video and the song hooked me. I geuninely liked that version of the song. Of course, when I saw the video... Yowser!!

Actually, this was when Pink first impressed me. I think she outsang Mya and Christina A. Lil' Kim is another story. I started listening to the song trying to pick out who sang what part. Pink was easily identifiable; she was the one belting and going on those vocal runs. That takes talent and singing talent greatly impresses me.

Her next album came out and immediately starting driving itself into my brain. An infectous groove like "Get The Party Started" will do that. Especially when it's featured on a Bally's commercial that seems to be on an endless loop. Though I've never seen the video, this song makes me want to move, like dance not just random muscle movement.

Finally, "Don't Let Me Get Me" came out. This is the song that did it for me. This is the song where Pink shows her maturity as a song writer/singer. She totally exposes all of her insecurities and tells her audience that she may be a famous rock star but she still thinks she's ugly and has low self-esteem. Ok, I don't think the video is the best thing out there. It's too dark and danky for the song. But, it makes the point, too, so I can't really fault it.

Now, her latest song is on VH1 and I imagine MTV also. And as usual, her image is slightly different form the last time we saw her. In "Just Like A Pill", she's dressed all in black, think sexy goth and her signature pink hair is dyed black with just a hint of pink highlights to it. And the song rocks the boots, too.

So, according to my rule of buying albums (I must like at least 2 songs on the album), I should have bought Missundaztood probably last month. But, it is now officially on the "next cd to buy" list.

Plus, with a smile like this, how can you not just plain old fall for this girl? (Sorry 'bout the pop-ups)

With a little luck, I can maybe get tickets (and backstage passes) when she comes to town with Lenny Kravitz. That would leave me tickled... heh... Pink.

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