Monday, December 09, 2002

Yeah, yeah, Richard Harris died and that's a very tragic loss. But, everyone's had time to mourn, so I think it's time to play... Recast Albus Dumbledore...

Not that I have any say in the matter, but it's just something I've been thinking about... What actor could play Albus Dumbledore in the next few Harry Potter Movies?

Immediately, I think of Sir Ian McKellan. After all, he'd just be playing another powerful wizard. An Acadamy Award nominated performance as Gandalf the wizard to boot. And, I'm sure his friend, Maggie Smith, could help convince him to do the part. But would he? Would he want to play another wizard? No doubt, Sir Ian would be a good choice to fill the robes, but I don't think he'd put them on so soon after Lord of the Rings.

Christopher Lee is another actor who comes to mind. He's got the chops but perhaps his roles are a little too evil. Evil wizards at that... Jedi are basically the Star Wars version of wizards. While, he could pull it off, I think audiences would be a little creeped out by him playing Dumbledore. They'd always have the treacherous Saruman in the back of their head, or Dracula, and that would be too distracting.

Anthony Hopkins -- Too creepy for the role...

Here's an possibly odd, yet fitting, choice... Patrick Stewart. Yes, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Before you scoff at me, think about it. He's a classically trained actor. Despite the Star Trek thing, he hasn't been typecast. Watch Jeffery if you think all he can play is Jean-Luc. In fact, before getting trekked, he had majorish roles in Dune and Excalibur. And after Trek, he's been Captain Ahab, Ebenezer Scrooge and, of course, Professor Charles Xaiver. He certain has the talent to portray the Hogwart's Headmaster, especially with his Shakespearian background. And being English, he fulfills J. K. Rowling's wish that everyone invovled be British. Plus, don't you kinda want to see him with some hair?

Any other ideas out there?

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