Wednesday, January 08, 2003

I've talked before about how I'm in this play. Well, it's really a musical. That's musical with the root word "music." Meaning, there's songs to be sung and they're an important part of the show.

We had rehersal tonight...with music. Just back from that in fact, and I can't believe how aggrivated I am with this show. Why, you wonder? After the accompanist had left, the director was giving us notes. And this is a direct quote from her, referring to our next rehersal which the accompianist can't make it to:

"We can learn the songs better without the music anyway."

How the fuck can we sing on key and keep on rhythm "learning the songs" without the music?? Doesn't the music player and the actor have to be on the same page??

I really don't understand the attitudes at this place. It's only community theatre, but "professional" is an attitude, not a paycheck. Of course, the most problematic attitudes come from the people who have the money. Myself and others (read: those without alot of money) have felt very secluded from the rest of the group. It's like we're looked down upon and can be treated like shit because we lack sufficent funds.

Everytime I come home from rehersal, I ask myself why am I putting myself through this. I guess I've got that work ethic that says once I've signed on, there's no backing out of it. That's very unprofessional. This is the only theatre, community or otherwise, that I have felt this isolated from the group. There is no sense of togetherness at this place, unless you have money. Other places I have worked at, there was a friendship between the cast and crew. You could go out right after rehersal for some drinks or go to someone's house for late night movies. Not here...

What's really funny to me about this particular show is that I am the only person in the cast who hasn't been in it before. Yet, I seem to be one of the people NOT struggling with their lines. Ok, I did miss one line tonight, but several cast members are constantly calling for their lines. The show opens next weekend and we have about 3 or 4 rehersals left. We should NOT be calling for lines at this point, but suffering through dropped lines and keep the show going. Problem is when so many lines are dropped, it's difficult to get the show back on track without stopping and backing up.

I guess I should be happy that the director hasn't given me any notes. Suppose that means I'm doing a good job with the character? Who knows? Possibly the director... *rolling eyes*

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