Wednesday, February 05, 2003

�So I�m lying here just staring at the ceiling tiles.
And I�m thinking �bout, oh, what to think about.
Just listening and re-listening to Smiley Smile.
And I�m thinking this is some kind of creative drought.
I�m lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did.
Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did.�

Creatively, I think I�m nearly spent. All of my mojo is being used. The plays are taking up a lot of it. Being two different characters in two different shows releases a lot of my creativity. I�m realizing I�m a character actor. Best at comic relief. Even if I looked like a leading man, I doubt I could pull it off. Sure, I won a best actor award at my hometown theatre. But, I was playing Lt. Columbo - well, actually I was imitating Peter Falk - and that�s really a character role, not a leading man. Sweeps is on full throttle at work and that�s taking a lot of my juices, too. The best I can hope for is to avoid burnout and replenish my creative energy. Does the Playstation 2 help? The wife and kid are going away for the weekend. So, at least, I�ll have some time to myself and can focus on building the energy back up. Maybe I need an outburst. A chance to go nuts. A time for no responsibilities and absolut insanity. The blog�s being neglected somewhat because it�s also an extension of my creativity. When the energy is used up, there�s no blogging either. No music writing, or playing. Always listening. Always belting on the drive. Always singing. Always.

This and this are my latest �outlets.� You probably need Media Player or something to see them...

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