Monday, February 17, 2003

Well, well, well, it would seem as if the boy is quite the lady-killer. After we got home from seeing Chicago the other night (that�s gonna be the next post), we discovered a message from one of the kid�s schoolmates. It would seem that she is quite enamored by my 9-year old. Apparently, he likes her a lot, too. She wanted to know what he wanted for Valentine�s Day. Damn, the kid not only has a valentine, she�s got it for him so bad that she�s willing to get him whatever he wants.

My first boyhood crush was for my first-grade teacher�s daughter. As I recall, she went to private school, but I guess I saw her when the private school bus dropped her off at our school. I was quickly smitten. I remember winning silly presents at the Fireman�s Fair and giving them to her mother to give to her. One was a blue plastic statue of Mickey Mouse. She later gave me a card. My name was misspelled phonetically, and it didn�t matter. It had to be love. I left the school a year later and didn�t see her again until 7th grade or so... She didn�t remember me, and even denied our flirtations. My heart was severely broken.

True, I did move on. I did. In 3rd grade, I fell for a little blondie. I was in love with her for four years. It wasn�t until some junior high dance that I was able to get nerve enough to ask her out. Blondie turned me down. Even worse, I didn�t know one of my friends at the time - knowing what a shy little boy I was - had already asked her out for me. My heart reeled from the rejection of a long and lost crush, the sting of losing a friend, and the embarrassment of junior high gossip� And never again would love come easily�

After my heartbreaks, an invisible wall as big as Yao Ming and as long as the wall in his homeland was built around myself. I didn�t date until the end of my junior year or high school. My first date was a disaster. The second - a friend from another school went with me to homecoming. She fell asleep on the ride home. My first true girlfriend was little more than a little heavy petting.

Damn you, AmieJay Andrasay* and EslieLay ErnardBay* for destroying my heart!

I hope this "first love" crush doesn't end up hurting my son. He makes friends with everyone and has a real interesting personality. It would kill me to see him lose that...

*names changed to protect the innocent

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