Sunday, May 11, 2003

Winnie The Pooh and Christopher Robin

Yes, that cutie in the sailor suit is the kid. He never takes a bad picture, even when we forgot it was picture day at school. I was running late getting out the door and he was dress in a old t-shirt and didn't brush his hair. Fabulous picture.

We're thinking about getting an agent for him. Have no idea where to start looking or what to do about that. But, he enjoys theatre and doesn't get nervous or forgets his lines. His mother even reports that he had to help cover for some of the adults - people who have done this show about 3 times - who forgot their lines.

No, he does not get his good looks from me...

The little stinker snuck into our bedroom at 10am. I woke up when the door opened but pretended I was still asleep. He careful woke his mother up and gave her the above. She was very touched. I wondered how the kid forged my signature...

That's Malificent from Sleeping Beauty, her favorite. He did that from memory. Can he draw or what?!? His mother is really into Disney Villians... I don't know. She also likes "Kiss Me, Kate" which she tells me she has to subject me... I mean... she has to show me.


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