Monday, August 11, 2003

Welcome back

By the time you read this, the wife and kid will be back home after a month of being out of town. And while I can't say I haven't enjoyed my "alone time," it will be nice to have them back home. School starts in a couple of days, so we all need to get used to the school schedule. It shouldn't be that hard for me, at least. My schedule makes me the "to school bringer" meaning I take the kid to school on most days. His mother is home in the afternoons.

I have been keeping busy volunteering with Texas Live. It's feeding my need for a social life, as well as building some local contacts for television and film production. This weekend, we shot an interview with Blue October and stuck around for a few songs. I haven't had chance to listen to their album completely, but I am liking what I hear so far. It's not quite my normal ear candy. Much heavier than I'm used to, but one of the guys in the band plays violin alot, so I guess that tones it down.

Looking forward to lunch with an ex-co-worker. Lots of bitching and gossip to be had.

By the way, if you live in Houston, I would just like to state for the record I am in no way responsible for the "Doggie Rappin'" spot that promotes the SPCA Telethon. Thank you.

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