Friday, August 13, 2004

NFL Predictions: Part 1

Here's my thoughts on the NFL this year. Please note, I'm only a fan making wild predictions and they are based on gut feelings mostly.

It's been a wild off-season, especially in the last few weeks. Ricky Williams retired.. go figure on that... David Boston out for the year... Miami's pretty much been counted out now. Quincy Carter got bagged, and I'm a little surprised by that considering how much he improved last season. San Diego still doesn't have a quarterback, or wide receiver or anything except a running back (who will continue to do gangbusters for fantasy football fanatics). Let's look at it team by team (this could take a while, so I'll only post 2 divisions at a time):

AFL East
Buffalo Bills - eh? Who cares? I don't. A new head coach. I just don't see great things happening for this team. 7-9 is probably they best they can do.

Miami Dolphins - You can look at it two ways. Wannstedt either has a built-in reason for not making the playoffs (ie: Ricky and DB) and therefore gets another year to right the boat. Or, he's a bad coach who can't get his team to overcome adversity and his pink slip will be signed on January 3rd. Jay Fielder will be the QB. The Fins will miss the playoffs.

New England Patriots - I think in today's era of free agency, the term "dynasty" has been redefined. Today, I don’t think it means 4 Super Bowl wins in 5 years. I think this team has redefined it, to me at least, to mean consistently at the top. 2 Super Bowls in 3 years. Even if they lose in the AFC Final, this team should be considered a dynasty. But I am not expecting them to lose that game. Prediction: Division Winner and AFC Champion

New York Jets - Honestly, I haven't paid much attention to the Jets. Should I have? Doubt it. That's probably a good indication that they aren't an exciting team. By that I mean, I'm not excited by their chances.

AFL North
Cleveland Browns - a new quarterback in Jeff Garcia... But, this is the Browns we're taking about. I can see 9-7, at best, but no playoffs.

Cincinnati Bengals - I expect them to continue to improve and make the playoffs. Most likely as a wild card, but I wouldn't be surprised if they were in the playoffs as Division Champs. That will depend on Carson Palmer. With Corey Dillon gone, Rudi Johnson's gonna have to run the Bengal's into the post-season.

Baltimore Ravens - a great running game, a killer defense, and a great coach. If the QB can make critical plays, they'll have a great season. Prediction: Division Champs

Pittsburg Steelers - will be the big losers in this division. 6 and 10. And that's about all I have to say about that.

To Be Continued...

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