Sunday, September 19, 2004

Little Tweaks

Well, I've been tweaking some code. Nothing that you'd really notice. I noticed that my guestbook got deleted. Apparently, I accidently violated Bravenet's terms of service. Seems like they don't like it when their membership emailers are reported to Yahoo! Mail as spam... heh... accidents happen... So, I'm sure it was a complete accident that they deleted my service account. So, all *four* of the guestbook entries are lost and gone forever...

So, now what? Well, I added a *NEW and IMPROVED* Guestbook with *ALL NEW QUESTIONS!!* Please feel free to sign in. Also, I added a guestmap so you can pinpoint exactly where you live (I promise I won't stalk you). Scroll around until you see the button on the sidebar to your left... What fun!!

Colts up 31-17! wOOt! Carolina ahead!

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