Wednesday, September 29, 2004

One of Twelve

About the auditions I had for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat... I was informed last night by who I think is the Asst. Director that they want to cast me. She said that they want me to be one of the twelve brothers, but it wasn't one of the ones with featured solo song. In order words, I didn't get the part I wanted. But, you know, when have I ever? The important thing is that a theatre that I have never been to, a theatre that has never seen my face before is casting me.

Rehersals start in October and the show starts its run in December. OY! I just realized that technically I'll be playing another Jew. That's two shows in a row... And this one is at Christmas time. There's something extremely funny about all of that...

If you're not familiar with Joseph, then let me tell you about one part. The Pharoah is supposed to be like Elvis. Which is frickinig hilarious to begin with. But, what I would like to see done is not play the part like "young Elvis," as is generally done. I would LOVE to see "Old, Fat Elvis" instead. Imagine the costume - a mix of royal Egyptian attire and rhinestone jumpsuits. That's MONEY!

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