Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Put On A Happy Face...

Ok, so, I think I'm finally ok with being cast as the lead in Bye Bye Birdie. Afterall, it WAS the part I wanted. Besides feeling like I only got the part by default, I was a little bit nervous because now I have to nut up. Well, boy, you asked for the challenge, time to jump.

Yesterday was the first readthrough of the script. And, I realized the part isn't on stage as much as I was thinking. Yes, he's there alot, but there's a fair amount of down time. In fact, I think Amy G, who is playing opposite of me as Rosie, will have more actual time on stage (and will no doubt steal the show). Albert has 3 solos and is one of the leads in a company song. That's not a lot out of about 20 songs. I am already quite familiar with them (been listenin' to the CD for months now).

The challenge will come in two parts. The first is the Happy Face dance, likely to be, at least partially, a tap number. I've never tapped in my life. Never had a dance lesson in my life. Reading through the stage notes describing the action, it seems to be a bit on the pratfally side of things. That's good for me. I can fall.

The second challenge I realized last night. The character has to come full circle and change his priorities. He's a weak, mamma's boy throughout the show. After realizing he's losing his true love, he changes into a strong-willed, charming kind of guy.

To recap, the singing I gots; time to start praying for the dancin' and the actin'.

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