Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Families Update

WWL-870AM/WWL TV4, the major news station in New Orleans has started a blog for up-to-date information. Here's the link.

As far as our families go, we've heard from my parents and they are ok in OK. It is my understanding that they are able to go home at anytime... at least they are allowed to. Don't know if they are yet. My uncle passed by the house and said it held up well. I guess that means no flooding or downed trees on my childhood home. Yeah! From what I have gathered, the still have electricity, too. Double yeah!

My wife's family is also safe, but due to the flooding and extensive damage in New Orleans will not be able to go home probably until Monday. We've heard that their subdivision was flooded with anywhere between 3-8' of water. Three feet and they should be ok. That's probably enough water to rise up to the front door from the street. Eight feet and no doubt water is in the house. But, there is a silver lining. After it's all said and done, I wouldn't be surprised if FEMA gave them a large check for damages, larger than the house is possibly worth...

Still haven't heard from my father-in-law. The reports I'm finding say his parish is underwater, without electricity, without phones, downed trees, and under martial law. Flood waters got up to the main artery he lives by, so maybe he got flooded out, or maybe he didn't. He's borderline is my best guess. The house is kind of high up, so maybe it's not too bad. I just wish we could hear from them. I'm sure he made it through ok. I haven't heard from other friends or family members, but I'm sure they are all fine, too.

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