Monday, December 12, 2005


I'm pretty frustrated with some candlemaking. I bought a new mold that allows me to embed things in the wax. Like, a picture, flowers, shells, stones. The intention was making Christmas presents, but the three I have done so far I'm too embarrassed with how they turned out to give them as gifts. If I had a heat gun, I might be able to salvage two of them.

One is dark green, scented bayberry (like a Christmas Tree) with little snowflakes and snowmen buttons embedded into the sides. Some of the buttons look good, but some didn't say in position and turned or fell down while cooling. Some you can barely see. The sugar cookie-scented, off-white one with gingerbread men is just bad. Most of the gingerbread men you can't even see. At least, they looked good in my head. The idea of how they should look is great, but the delivery is so far lacking.

The third just turned out horrible. I will have to melt it down and start again. I was going to embed some orange and black tiger eye marbles into it, but the marbles are 1/4" too big. I didn't realize that until I was pouring the wax and it cooled too quickly for me to do anything with it. So, I have to figure out a plan B for those marbles I spent money on. Somehow, the words "Schoolyard Marble Championships" isn't inspiring greatness.

I guess I have to realize that this technique takes more practice. I'll get better at it with more practice. If at first you don't suceed...

Just look at this picture. One of the best candles I have ever created. And, it took me many ugly candles to get the timing down to form the layers right...

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