Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Whaddup Quickie

Just a quick update… You’re not missing much… I’m rather ill.  Sneezy, Coughy, Stuffy, Fevery, Sore throaty, Mucusy, and, of course, no Doc.  No, I’m forgoing going to see a doctor because all he’s gonna do is give me some amoxicillin.  I can deal with this and not be out of the $20 co-pay.  It’s mostly in my sinuses… Sinusitis is no doubt what I got.  I always get that.  I know I’m almost over it because the coughing has started.  It’s sometimes hard to sleep lying down at this point… Too much coughing.  Though I haven’t had to resort to sleeping on the recliner, yet, so, it’s not too bad.

The best thing I have to share is that I was cast as the Steward in Footlite’s production of “Into The Woods.”  Helluva cast, too.  Over 100 people auditioned for about 25 parts.  I was lucky enough, or talented enough depending on your view, to make it.  I felt good about the first audition, but the night of callbacks, I thought I blew it.  Just wasn’t a good night for me.  So, imagine my surprise when I got the call offering me the part.

Other than that, nothing going on…  Whaddupwitchu?

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