Monday, February 06, 2006

"Good Christians" don't watch Fox

So, I suppose "good Christians" don’t watch Fox, or else they would have gotten all riled up about this (NBC's 'Cruci-fixin's' were 'Leftovers' from Fox.) If this ain't God telling his people to lighten up...

Seems an episode of Will and Grace in the pre-production phase isn’t the first time “Cruci-fixin’s” come up. No, Fox’s Arrested Development has used the phrase:
It was first used on the oddball comedy "Arrested Development," when one of the characters quipped: "I think I'm going to go get one of those 'Corndog Crosses' -- with all the 'Crucifixins’”
And it comes as no surprise the phrase has been heard on the Simpsons, too.
"The Simpsons" cartoon also used the term in an episode that described a church ice cream social led by a character called Rev. Lovejoy. Lovejoy offered "Crucifixins," with flavors like "Blessed Virgin Berry," "Commandmint," and "Biblegum."
Yet, there was no backlash from Christian Right. No, screaming from the American Family Association. Stuff like this just makes me *giggle*

This just goes to prove that the Christian Right needs a good laugh. I mean, if they’re watching Will & Grace (hmmm… watching homosexuals… interesting…) and not watching Arrested Development and the Simpsons for God’s sake…

I can't wait to see what happens when they find out about this...

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