Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Teenagers suck

Cap'n Jack is 'round about four months old now. It's amazing to think that two months ago he was this little tiny furball. Now, he's a bigger furball with energy and curiosity.

I'm happy to report that he's had only two accidents when it comes to using the litterbox. And, those were in the first two days that we had him. The only other problem we've had in that department was when Jack informed us in his own way that we needed to clean the litterbox. He took one of my wife's socks and dragged it through his litterbox. Then, he laid the sock down near the box. He also dug a clump out and placed it next to one of my wife's bras. Cleaning the box has become a near daily chore now.

Like I said, Jack's four month old now and I think that makes him a teenager in cat years. At least, his actions as of late mirror that of human teens and make me think he's reached kitty puberty.

He's taken to sleeping on my wife's leg. Make no mistake, I love Jack, but he's the wife's cat. Anyway, for about a week and a half now, we've been woken up early in the morning to a ... well... licking and sucking sound. A very loud sound. As teenagers tend to do, Jack's found a new toy to play with... himself. We're not sure what's more disturbing, that cats can discover the joy of self-gratification or that he's doing in on our bed at our feet.

The worst part is that when you bust him, you can't get him to stop. You can shove him, shake him, kick the bed so it shakes like an earthquake, nothing, no reaction. He just keeps on keepin' on. We're hoping the impending spaying/neutering (I don't know which is for a boy) will *ahem* fix that.

He's still skittish when it comes to visitors or me. I'm big and in the darkness of the early morning have stepped on him. Can't see a black cat sitting in the middle of the floor when the lights are off. Still, he permits me to hold him, but only a certain way. And, he's yet to jump on one of our laps for affection. Mostly, we play fight; he's still a kitty after all.

What's been funny is the kid brings down his toy wrestling ring to the living room and plays with his wrestling action figures in it. Cap'n Jack wants to play, too. He'll actual get into the ring and attack the action figures. He's a pretty good wrestler and is so far undefeated. He's even faced the Undertaker and resorted to decapitating the deadman to pick up the W.

Still, he's a teenager. When we go to bed, we bring Jack into our room for the night. While we're doing our bedtime routines, Jack's sitting at the door howling to go out at night. Even after the nights are off, he'll sit at the door yowling to get out. I guess sometime after I fall asleep he jumps on the bed and curls up at the wife's feet. I wonder what he dreams about. He's probably plotting some scheme to kill us in our sleep. Cats are like that, you know. Or he's dreaming about female cats... Probably both.

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