Monday, May 14, 2007

Pink Chiffon!

The difficult thing about blogging about a show I'm in is talking about it without giving it all away. There's some very funny stuff going on during "The Creation of Man" song. Here's a hint - my line is "But, Percy, I simply cannot hop about wearing pink chiffon." Now, picture me wearing an outfit from high society England circa 1792... Now picture me wearing that same outfit made out of pink chiffon... You know you want to see that. If you can't picture it, fork out some dough and come see the show! Of course, it's possibl we'll have to change the line to another color depending on what the costumer comes up with - the director mentioned lemon. Still, no matter what, I'll be in some sort of pastel because, to steal a line from the leader of the League the Scarlet Pimpernel, Perccy, "it do shimmer so." Burly men acting like girly men. That's my part.

I was having a tough time finding some of my character's nuisances. Then again, it's early in the rehearsal process. We just started running the show after learning music, dancing and blocking. I'm not 100% comfortable not having my script in my hand, but I'm not looking at it too much.

Anyway, like I said, I'm trying to find Ozzy's (my character) inner girly-man. I think I found a part of it last night. During "The Creation of Man," there's part where Percy is speaking directly to Ozzy, showing and telling him, and the rest, how to act foppish. Last night was probably the first time all of the characters were there to go over the song. Scheduling conflicts and what not. But, as Percy is singing his lines, I was able to react to them. One ad-libbed gesture inparticular gave me some insight into my character - I'll just say, "Roar." But, the reaction I got from it gave me a little insight into who "Ozzy" is.

I realized the other day that the show might be about the French Revolution, but it takes places about 15 years after American fought for and won indepenece from England. So, I'm thinking in some way, shape or form, my character was affected by that. Not sure how, not sure what the American Revelotion would have do to this character. But, I figure he'd would have been 15-20 years old at the time. Surely, Sir Osbert knew about the Brits sending troops across the sea. Maybe he even wanted to sign up. I don't know. Just something for me to think about to help develop the character, find his motives, etc.

The show is probably a bit further ahead of schedule, I'd say, considering all the scheduling conflicts. Sure, there's LOTS to work on and get together, but we've got three weeks until opening night. Plenty of time to get everything tweaked just right for high entertainment value. The trick to this show will be performing what is ususally large cast show on a small stage. I mean small stage, tiny and with no wing space. The cast is about 25 people. The stage gets pretty crowded when you add sets, furniture, etc. It'll be interesting...

...By the way, I can waltz. I didn't know that before, but I can can-can, too.


Ryan said...

yep, that's how I know you're gay... you like to waltz and can-can.

Next thing you know you're going to go on dancing with the stars.

ML said...

Dancing with the Stars! I wish I was that good!

Look, Eddie, someone else I can play the "You're so gay!" game with! Aren't you happy about that? :D