Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Round 2: Town Hall Debate

To be honest, I'm not sure why I've decided to blog during this 2nd debate. I have decided which candidate for president I am going to vote for. You probably can figure out who by looking around the place carefully.

No, my current thinking is that I'm not voting for McCain or Obama. Both of them voted for that pork-filled bailout. Neither of them is the change I'm looking for in Washington. Neither of them really seem to be about a change in politics. Don't get me wrong, they both would have vastly different presidencies from the last 8 years, but Washington politics would still be the same.

Nor will I be voting for ANY incumbents on a National level, save my US Representative, Dan Barton. And, it's possible I won't vote for him. It is time we kick old politics out of DC. They have shown they do not have the best interests of our country in mind.

Yeah, I'm still pissed about the bailout plan. I can understand the necessity in some respects. But, to be honest, I'm willing to suffer the pains of recession or possible depression, and my family is too, if it were necessary to turn this country around. That's just me though. I don't expect the next man to make the same sacrifices. Plus, I just don't think my personal sacrifice in that regard would be too hard, at least compared to others.

On a forum I frequent, I suggested a plan instead of the bailout that I heard on TV, radio, and from other people. As I suggested, wouldn't it be a better use for that $700 billion to be divided up between the homeowners who are facing foreclosure (the main root of the problem)? Well, not given to them, per say, but used to pay off their home mortgages. Then, they don't have to worry about paying for the roof over their head and could pump that money into the economy. In other words, spending money with small businesses. Doesn't that solve, or at least alleviate, most of the problem?

The main problem people had with that was a moral one - handing out all that free money. I haven't responded to that, but what's the difference between that and the welfare we have now, on a moral level?

But, I digress...

Katie Couric is on. I don't have the remote control. Tom Browkaw is the moderator. It's nice to see him again. As far as the questions, I hope there is a question about the FairTax.

9:02pm - I'm not expecting to have nearly as much to say, compared to the last 2 debates.

9:07pm - I think McCain is wearing the same tie he had on from the last debate. I know it was ugly, red with thin white stripes. Looks very similar.

9:08pm - Yeah, but what IS your proposal?!?

9:09pm - Whoa... McCain knows what eBay is?

9:11pm - This is something I haven't heard at all about the bailout - how does the bailout help, as the cliche has quickly become, Main Street. For example, how does it help people in the inner city?

9:14pm - Thanks for answering the question, Obama, but why should a bad business be allowed to stay open? I know, loss of jobs, etc.

9:17pm - Not to beat the drum, but passing the FairTax goes a long way to getting lobbyists out of Washington.

9:20pm - I'd like to see the line on Obama's spending increases/cuts.

9:21pm - What I'd really like to see in the after programs is how the who asked the questions feel about the answers they received tonight.

9:24pm - I keep hearing McCain say, "I know how to do that." But I don't here, "here's the specifics on how" other than stump speech stuff.

9:28pm - That's a great question about making sacrifices. "Which programs aren't working?" is a great follow-up.

9:38pm - First term as president? That's a little presumptuous, no? You're assuming 2 terms...

9:45pm - I jumped into a live chat and got too distracted to update much for the last 15 minutes or so...

9:47pm - HAHAHA! That's why I like Obama because he can pull off a gentle rib.

9:48pm - UM... How can Bush and Cheney sponsor a bill?

9:53pm - I like what Obama has to say about healthcare, expect he completely loses me when the government has to get involved...

9:55pm - OH, good follow-up question. I expect very different answers. I don't think healthcare is a right/privledge, but it is a responsibility.

9:57pm - I already have that insurance company... But, it was my choice (filtered through my employeer).

10:01pm - Oh, that soundbite is gonna be in an attack add. Obama say, "That's true, there are some things I don't understand." Cue the scary music...

10:03pm - The ML Doctrine - See FairTax, the.

10:04pm - Didn't we do something about the Holocaust? I mean WWII and all? I know we got in late, but still.

10:12pm - I'm officially over this debate. I keep hearing the same canned messages. The same things I think I'd hear at a campaign stop in the next city over.

10:16pm - Nikita wants my attention. She's trying to jump on the keyboard. Cute purring kitties win.

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