Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Letter for Whoever is Supposed to Read It


I'm not sure who this letter is meant for. I might be you; it might not. But, if you bear with me, perhaps you will find it worth your while.

I had an amazing conversation with a good friend last night. We talked about God's Plan and happiness and how some times the two don't seem to meet. At least, it sure can feel that way, don't you think? You've felt that before right?

Anyway, we were talking how that maybe there's some people who experience God's love as happiness - pure joy - and that's all they ever really see. They are rewarded for following God's laws and follow the Bible's teaching. Maybe they donate to charity or volunteer at a homeless shelter or something. And, that is good. The world needs these people.

But, then maybe there's people like us; people who experience God's love through pain. That pain could be physical. It could be mental. Maybe the pain is just loneliness. But, they (we) experience the depression and lows of life and express that pain through whatever their "art" may be. I don't just mean painting and sculptures when I say "art" either. I mean creative expression. For me, that's writing and theater. Different for everyone... But, these people are important, too, for they show us that despite the pain, God loves us.

It's not that God chooses for us to live in pain or doesn't want us to be happy. Instead, he lets us experience these things, these evils, so we can recognize them for what they are and use that experience and sight for His good. The world needs these people, too.

I guess what I am driving at is if you made it here, there's probably a reason beyond knowing me in real life. Something brought you here. I don't know what that reason is and maybe you don't either.

If there's a point for you to take away from this letter, it is this: I know you are in pain. I know that you are feeling lonely. I know that you maybe aren't feeling loved. I have seen this myself and have experienced, too.

But, believe me, you are not alone and you are loved. You will never be alone and you will never go unloved. Jesus does indeed love you and will help you carry your load.

Just reach out and ask. And if you need help, my email is just sitting out there on the right. Or leave a comment.



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