Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Something's Coming

I hate to say it, but things have been going so well right now that I'm just about expecting the bottom to fall out soon.  The past few weeks or month, I've been riding this wave of, well, just good things going on.  The big project at work went over well with nothing but success.  Not that I was in danger of losing my job, but I definitely reminded the company of my value with that video.  A month of my life put into it and I knocked it outta the park.

The theater is getting more and more respect.  We finished our first full season in the new space a little over a month ago.  And, we got a shit-ton of nominations.  The show I'm working on now is going just about as swimmingly well as a show can go.  Everyone is working hard, but it's not hard work.  I'm exciting about the show I'll be directing for Christmas.  People whose work I have sat in awe of are wanting to work at this theater now and I'm starting to really feel like I'm actually respected for, not just the body of work we've turned out in the past year, but on a personal level - like these people who I feel are so much more talented that I am (having seen their work, I can attest to that) are giving me props.  That's obviously really nice.

I'm blogging on a... well, much more regular basis. Not a consistent basis, but getting better at that.  I'm slowly starting to write more and feel comfortable with my songwriting and lyrics.

I've got a great family, wonderful friends and know that I am loved.

Yeah, I definintely am walking around with some swagger in my step and attitude.

Still, there's a little something whispering in my ear - brace yourself 'cuz something is coming.  A nagging little seed of a voice.  Maybe that's just me subconsciously psyching myself out.  I mean, geez, how long can I ride this wave of Swaggerliciousness (I got so much swagger, I'm making words up).  That's what I intend to do.  Keep pushing forward and not let life knock me for a loop.

But, something is coming.  I don't know what.  I don't know when.  But, something big is coming to test me.  Need to talk to God and prepare for that.  Until then, I'll be hanging 10 on my swagger-board.  Ok that was a very lame was to say I'm going to ride this good feeling until I get knocked down.

UPDATE:  So, guess what happened the very next day after I posted this?  Half my department at work was laid off.  I survived.

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