Monday, January 16, 2012

Of Saints and Ghosts

True story that I have to share.  With a little backstory...

We have a little ghost in our house.  It mainly manifests itself via the lights.  It gets our attention by playing with the lights.  Lights will go off for no reason, then come back on.  I've had to replace numerous lightbulbs because it likes popping them.  When I say it likes popping them, I mean, "dammit, I just changed that bulb 4 hours ago."  Not even kidding about that.  The ghost is otherwise harmless, but obviously does not like the vibe in the house when the wife and I raise our voices.

One other thing before you say something like it's just faulty or bad wiring.  We have 4 cats.  They obviously can see the ghost.  They are curious but afraid of it.  They do not like it playing with them.  I have personally seen our cat, Hannah, walking down the hall when all of a sudden she is pulled backwards by her tail.  You heard me, something in the air pulled her by her tail and she slid about 3 or 4 feet... backwards.  When it let go, she freaked and hid for a while.  So, believe me when I say, we have a ghost.

I was watching the Saints game this weekend, and while we lost, it was a good game.  You can't make 5 turnovers in the playoff and win.  Came close, but no cigar.  And that's ok.  Still love our boys! Bless You Boys!

Anyway, not that point.  Near the end of the game, the Saints had finally taken the lead when I notice my sister in Orlando posted on Facebook, "I have been ordered by my husband and BFF to stay out of the room because the Saints are winning."  This might seem odd, but it goes back to football traditions and how the 12th man effects the game.  Like how people have a special football watching outfit to root their team on.  It's the voo-doo.  What? You don't do that?  I have a jersey that I wear. Then depending on how the game is going, I can add pajama bottoms, a fleece hoodie and a hat as the game progresses.

At this point, in the game, we were all cheering.  Then, my wife comes up from the basement for dinner and sits down to watch the final minutes of the game.  San Fransisco immediately scores to regain the lead.  In the spirit of "you're jinxing the team," I start yelling to my wife to get back down to the basement.  The vibe of the room had gone from elation to anger.  And someone was not happy about that sudden shift.

Next thing you know, we hear a crash in the kitchen.  One of the globe sphere light thingies on the kitchen light - the ghost's favorite light - had fallen crashed into a million pieces.  Obviously, my yelling upset the ghost.

And it didn't help because the Saints still lost.  No real point to this story really.  Just don't piss off the ghost.

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