Tuesday, April 16, 2002

In my cd player/tape player in my truck/favorite mp3 player at work (Musicmatch Jukebox 7.0):

1) Ryan Adams - Gold
Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+. It hasn't really left my cd player since I got a few weeks ago. Rock & Roll roots with an alt-country appeal.

2) Guster Mix Tape
This tape was made by a friend of mine for a road trip to Austin to see Guster play. Rule #1 of Road Tripping to see a Concert: Make mix tapes of the band you're going to see. This tape is comprised of songs from their first two albums Parachute and Goldfly. I'm trying to learn to play a couple of them.

3) Jellyfish - The King is Half-undressed from Bellybutton
Possibly the most underrated power pop band of the 90s. Probably the best band of the 90s.

What are you listening to?

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