Saturday, April 13, 2002

We saw Lord of the Rings last night. It was the second time for me and we went to see the Two Towers trailer at the end. For the most part, it was an enjoyable experience.

But (there's always a But), can you learn to turn your cell phone off? I mean, you're going see a movie. Is there any reason why it can't wait a hour and 1/2 or three hours? For like a dollar more a month, you can have something called "Voice Mail" (if you can't afford a dollar more a month, can you really afford that cell phone?). That way you can turn off your phone and you can still get a message. And, what's worse is the theater tells you before the movie starts to turn of cell phones and beepers.

It was a piviotal moment in the movie. (Spoliers, for the few who haven't seen Lord of the Rings, are coming). Boromir is shot 3 times with arrows and is dying. Strider/Arragon talks to him while he dies. This scene is all about Boromir's redemption, and that's a very emotional subject for me. I was working up a good cry (nope, not afraid to admit that). Until some jerks cell phone goes off, totally wrecking my concentration to shed a tear. I just wanted one tear. Just enough to be human, but not enough to have red eyes walking out the theater. But nothing, just a little welling up and that doesn't count.

I tried again at the end when Sam tells Frodo he won't leave him alone because Gandalf told him not to, but again with the digital beeping. And for the record, I have a cell phone. It fits in my pocket and it goes off when the lights go down.

People, turn off your cell phones and beepers. If not for the folks around you, then do it because you're spending 7 bucks to be entertained and you don't need the distraction.

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