Monday, May 13, 2002

It is now apparently official office policy that the people in my department are not allowed to eat lunch at our desks. Just my department. Why? Apparently, we eat stinky food. One person, just ONE person in an office building of about 100 folks, was been complaining that the smell from our office at lunch makes her stomach turn. So the other day was the last straw. She apparently smelled something at around 4:30pm and complained. The offender that day: Well, we believe it was meatloaf. By the way, its the busy season, so we have to eat at our desks to get work done. This policy is so ridiculous on so many levels. What's next? Employees can't use Irish Spring soap because one person doesn't like tha smell? It can get that stupid. We're fighting this insepid policy. If we can't eat at our desks, then no one should be allowed to.

Heh, a few of us have thought the best way to deal with this is fight from within the system. We're planning on all eating really odorous food (not necessarily foul smelling foods, but stuff like fish or garlic and onions) in the kitchen/dining area while the complainer eats her lunch. Maybe if we took over control of the TV, too.

*Evil Pure Evil*

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