Monday, June 24, 2002

Ok, this miagrane is kicking my ass. I thought it was gone this morning, but it's back with a vengance. So, you get the rest of the NYC trip: the Condensed Version:

-- Wife had a miagrane.
-- Discreetly took picture of what would be Peter Parker's Forest Hills home because the couple who lived there were just walking in their house when we got there...Also had to avoid the eldery neighbor...
-- Subways are not a great thing for a miagrane.
-- However, Subway sandwiches make a good lunch.
-- FAO toys...more expensive toys...
-- Passing by the Ed Sullivan Theatre, guy with clip board asks if we want to see Letterman that night. We decline.
-- Mariott Marque for bathroom break.
-- Mariott Marque for bathroom break.
*Note that's not a typo.
-- I like books and bookstores, but I think too many books can be a bad thing... The Strand is a great book store. Shelf upon shelf filled with books. And the shelves are so full, there's book stacked on the ground. Great bookstore, but I have that much time to devout to exploring all those wonderful titles...
-- Brief rain storm.
-- Japanese Spider-man live action series on VHS.
-- NBC Primetime Fall Preview '65, '67, '68, '74 on VHS.
-- Dinner at the Westway Diner, a.k.a where "Seinfeld" was convieved (the TV series sickos...).
-- Neverwhere on VHS.
-- Miagranes O'Plenty as I start to develop mine.
-- Eventually, sleep.

Thursday, our flight left JFK at 9am Eastern. Jet Blue dropped us off in New Orleans at 10:40am Central, 40 minutes ahead of schedule. We go to my mother-in-law's house to take a nap before we drive 6 hours home to Houston.

The wife and I woke up somewhere between 7pm and 8pm, and left New Orleans for 9pm. Nice night for driving. Big, bright nearly-full moon. Arrive home at 3am and sleep again. The End.

*here's hoping a dark room and excedrin end my suffering...*

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