Wednesday, June 26, 2002

What sucks*:
1) A close friend not responding to any attempts to connect and not knowing why.
2) News Anchors, not all of them, but most of them are jerkies.
3) Wondering if I'm being cut out.
4) The show closes this weekend.
5) Hypocrites and broken promises.

*not including the obvious stuff like terrorists and ignorance

What doesn't suck:
1) A good rain storm.
2) Lunch with the wife.
3) Watching movies like Young Guns 2, Tango & Cash and stuff like that and calling it work.
4) Guster and John Mayer concerts.
5) Road trips to see Guster and John Mayer all across Texas.
6) Being flirty.
7) Feeling like yourself.

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