Wednesday, July 17, 2002

I admit it. I'm hooked on American Idol. I think it's because part of me wants to be on it. This is possibly the first "reality" type show I could be on. Not that I could win, but I do think I'm better than Jim. But, it is a dream of mine to "make it" in music. Though, admittedly, Pop Star...that ain't me. I mean, have you heard of any of the folks to your left? Dem's my influences. Dem's who I likes best. Dat's the kinda music I sound best doing. And I ain't no solo artist either. I don't think I could do it without a band. But I'm trying... Trying...

Anyway, So...uh... Justin's gonna win this thing. It's a tough choice for me between him and Tamyra. Both of them have incredible voices and I'm a little jealous of them. But, I think Justin's sex appeal and prettiness will woo the female audience to call and vote for him more than Tamyra's fans.

I'm a little surprised that EJay got the boot tonight. He had a very good performance on last night's show, in my opinion. Better than RJ, Ryan Starr (Entertainment Weekly reports that in Epsiode 1, she was introduced as Tiffany Montgomery), and Nikki. And much better than Jim. I was expecting RJ to be the other cut, but he's probably got a good Spanish girl fan base to call and vote for him.

American Idol should be a total cheeseball show. I mean, Paula Abdul is one of the judges. But, then I saw her credentals (and remembered how I loved -- LOVED -- her in my teen youth), and realized she was more than qualified to judge this competition. (Paula, call me)

I have to give it up for Jim though. When he was cut, his chin was still held high. Respect that. He had to know he was on that stage because of pity votes. And he had to know he was way out of his league talent-wise. But, he still got up there and gave it his best. Where as I could see myself choking.

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